Real Jumanji! Shocking Images Of Dangerous Animals On The Loose


After five hours of heavy rain in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, the damage was huge! The flood destroyed most of the city, including the local zoo of the city that failed to prevent the escape of many dangerous animals such as wolves, lions, tigers, hippos, bears, and even a black panther. Groups of hunters on the ground and in helicopters searched the entire city for the beasts, in order to avoid a major catastrophe taking place. Spokespeople of the zoo claimed that in total 13 wolves, six lions and five tigers were roaming the streets freely. The shocking scenes that we’re about to show you remind us of the brilliant 90’s movie starring Robin Williams – Jumanji, in which hundreds of wild animals were on the loose on the city. Check out our selection of the craziest pictures captured during this crazy event in Georgia. Poor animals!

#1 The Night Walker


#2 Mom, There’s A Bear At The Window