30 Beautiful Illustrations That Show What Real Love Is


Thanks to Disney movies and romantic comedies, our expectations when it comes to love are all messed up. As a result, women nowadays are expecting their man to make that grand romantic gesture like write a love letter everyday for 10 years or turn into a handsome vampire that sparkles in the sunlight and anything less than that is not really love.

There is a Korean artist called “Puuung” that aims to enlighten us about these misconceptions we have about love through her heart-warming artwork. According to “Puuung”, “Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.”

I hope this post will remind us all about how love is not really about the grand romantic gestures. It’s the thoughtful little things that we always do for our love ones, day in, day out, even if you don’t feel like it and knowing that you will gain nothing in return. Now that’s love.

1. Kiss


2. Piggyback


3. Don’t cry

(Don't cry

4. Falling asleep here again

(Falling asleep here again

5. Planning a Trip

(Planning a Trip

6. Reading Me a Book

(Reading Me a Book

7. Assemblying is difficult

Assemblying is difficult

8. Before going out

Before going out

9. Circling around

Circling around

10. Come quick!

Come quick!

11. Cuddling


12. Doing the Laundry, Together

Doing the Laundry, Together

13. Even though the morning sun

Even though the morning sun

14. Friends Have Come Over

Friends Have Come Over

15. Gazing out the window

Gazing out the window

16. Going on a grocery shopping

Going on a grocery shopping

17. Hold on

Hold on

18. Hot boiled chicken

Hot boiled chicken

19. I can cut by myself!

I can cut by myself!

20. I can’t help but hug u

I can't help but hug u

21. I had a nightmare

I had a nightmare

22. I keep glancing at you

I keep glancing at you

23. I will tie up your hair

I will tie up your hair

24. I’m sorry!!

I'm sorry!!

25. I’ve been waiting for you

I've been waiting for you

26. Lying down

Lying down

27. Morning coffee

Morning coffee

28. Organizing photos

Organizing photos

29. Phone call

Phone call

30. Rainy day

Rainy day