Photos Of Melania Trump


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 50 years or don’t have a television, you’ve heard the name Donald Trump and know he’s a real estate and media mogul. Now, he has his sights set on an even bigger goal – the Presidency of the United States – and he’s a major contender for the Republican Party nomination. However, how well do you know Mrs. Melania Knauss Trump, the potential future First Lady? Let’s just say she’s had a carefree past. Here are some photos of Melania Trump that came across our desks.

Red Carpet Look

Melania sure knows how to strut her stuff on the red carpet.

red dress

The Warrior Dress

This is an aggressive look. We’re getting intimidated by all the fur. Is metal heavy btw?

metal 2

Melania Trump’s Purple Dress

Melania actually does look rather sophisticated in her purple dress. We compliment her on choosing such a great color.

purple dress

Melania The Assassin?

The Donald better watch out, Melania’s got a gun. Apparently, she was more interested in getting the pistol rather than getting her clothes on first! I wonder what happened? What I do know is that she won’t be getting too far with those boots / shoes she’s wearing!


Melania Examines The Family Jewels

Mrs. Trump continues her airplane shenanigans and takes some time to examine and try on the Trump family jewels. From the looks of things, she’s got a gun and she’s ready to use it. BTW, it’s either really hot or really cold in that plane. You decide…

airplane 2

My Finest Flower

Continuing with the less-than-fully-clothed theme, the potential future First Lady has decided to grace us with an instructional pose on the proper technique of bikini string tying. We weren’t much fans of hibiscus flowers, but we sure are now!


For Your Eyes Only, Donald

I guess we now know what goes on in the most private places of Trump Towers. Given the more than atmospheric prices of his condos, which we could never afford, we thank Melania for letting us know what goes on in the bedroom at Casa de Trump.



We were not big of the color red, but we sure are now!

melania 3

Meanwhile Back On The Airplane…

These shenanigans on Trump Airlines never get old. I guess when you own your own airplane you can wear whatever you want. Maybe she can use one of those four languages to negotiate with that assassin we saw earlier on the plane?

airplane 5b


This has to be the best airline ever. Not only can you wear whatever you want on it, they also toss in a free brief case and shag rug? Melania seems to be enjoying it!

airplane 4b

Melania, The Sophisticated Look

We’re not too sure if this would fly at the White House, but we wouldn’t object to it. Those shoes are pretty inspiring! We hope no animals were hurt in the process of making them.

melania 2