Ridiculous Items You Can Find At Whole Foods


Everyone knows that Whole Foods is not your regular supermarket.  You’ll see plenty of organic products that are gluten free, made of kale, sprinkled with chia seeds, etc., etc.  We’re sure that when you go through the aisles, you’ll always ask, “What the heck?!?” and have good laugh.  Just check out these pictures below for some ridiculous items you can find at Whole Foods!

#1 This ornamental kale.

Kale.  In the flowers section of the supermarket.  Do these go well with roses or daisies?  What have we come to?!?

This ornamental kale.

#2 This emu egg omelette.

By the way, this is $34.  If you want it topped with some truffles, that will be an additional $93!

This Emu Egg Omelette