Ridiculous Items You Can Find At Whole Foods


Everyone knows that Whole Foods is not your regular supermarket.  You’ll see plenty of organic products that are gluten free, made of kale, sprinkled with chia seeds, etc., etc.  We’re sure that when you go through the aisles, you’ll always ask, “What the heck?!?” and have good laugh.  Just check out these pictures below for some ridiculous items you can find at Whole Foods!

#1 This ornamental kale.

Kale.  In the flowers section of the supermarket.  Do these go well with roses or daisies?  What have we come to?!?

This ornamental kale.

#2 This emu egg omelette.

By the way, this is $34.  If you want it topped with some truffles, that will be an additional $93!

This Emu Egg Omelette

#3 These ancient maize cereal.

First, do you mean old corn?  Second, is there such a word as “veganic”?

These ancient maize cereal.

#4 This asparagus water.

Just for $5.99?!?  We’ll take 10 of these bottles filled with 3 asparagus stalks with water please!

This asparagus water.

#5 This limited edition tomato.

Better horde enough of these tomatoes!  Limited edition, limited edition!

This limited edition tomato.

#6 These bottles of camel milk.

We don’t think this will be as big a hit as cow’s milk…

These bottles of camel milk.

#7 This jar of honey.

At $79.99, really?  This should definitely taste like gold on your tongue!

This jar of honey.

#8 This guac-kale-mole.

Not only did kale replace the beloved avocado in guacamole, this is unsurprisingly overpriced at $5.41 for 0.61 pounds!

This guac-kale-mole.

#9 These egg white chips.

We’re okay with chips made of sweet potato and maybe even beets (click here for the next best thing to potato chips), but really, egg white chips?

These egg white chips.

#10 This boneless watermelon.

We never knew that watermelons had bones in them!  Only at Whole Foods!

This boneless watermelon.

#11 These chicken-less chicken nuggets.

Because we really buy chicken nuggets because we dislike chicken.

These chicken-less chicken nuggets.

#12 These morel mushrooms.

At $249.99 per pound, these mushrooms should definitely be magical!

These morel mushrooms.

#13 These chicken lemon kale sausage.

Because we just love to have kale in everything!  Who doesn’t love green sausages?

These chicken lemon kale sausage.

#14 These sustainable condoms.

To prove you’re beyond responsible, besides buying condoms before having sex, buy these sustainable condoms.

These sustainable condoms.

#15 These air plants.

As opposed to other plants that do not need air, of course—only for $69.99!

These air plants.