Does Your Room Look Like This? Messiest Rooms You’ve Ever Seen


If you’re anything like me, you get a little bit crazy when things start to get dirty and messy.  Though nowhere near being a clean freak, I just like things to look neat and clean.  But, I can’t even imagine living in the some of the houses with rooms like these.  I would literally go insane.  So, does your room looks like this?  Messiest rooms you’ve ever seen.

1. A living room that’s lived in

When’s the last time someone took the trash out around here?  We are not super impressed with the amount of junk food trash left over here.  Is it really that hard to throw stuff away?  And to eat healthy?


2. Stuffed animal heaven

While this isn’t the messiest room we’ve ever seen, we think it’s safe to assume that this little girl loves her stuffed animals.  Does she have room to sleep on that bed with all those animals on there?


3. CD’s and junk

This room seems to have a problem with collecting Cd’s, DVD’s and just random junk.  When there’s so much stuff that you can’t even walk, then you might have a problem.


4. Pizza box galore

We are noting a trend between disgustingly dirty rooms and fast food containers.  They both seem to go together.  It’s just sad.  Trash is so easy to clean up and yet, so ugly when left out.


5. A spot on the sofa

You can see where the person who lives here sits on the couch…it’s the one clean spot in the room…


6. How’s your garage looking?

Garages do tend to be one of the more disorganized spaces in the house since that’s where people horde their junk.  But, is your garage such a mess that you can’t even make your way through it?


7. Space to spin

We’re loving the extra space around the circumference of the chair, so it can spin around.  But, everywhere else is a total mess.


8. A bedroom easily fixed

Your kid could hide from you in so many places in a messy room like this.  But, lucky for you, this is an easy fix. 


9. Workspace mess

When the place where you work is cluttered and messy, we think your mind will probably be messy and disorganized as well.


10. How do you work surrounded by filth?

When there are more cans of beer and cigarettes than keys on your keyboard, you know you’ve got a problem. 


11. Books…so many books

You just might have a problem with books when you have a room that looks like this.


12. Anybody want a Coke?

This person must have a thing for Coca-cola. Is is really so difficult to throw an empty can away?


13. Messiest kids room ever

This is such an easy clean-up that the neat organization person inside me is squealing to get out and clean up.


14. Disaster room

We hope they’re moving or re-modeling…because this is a disaster. Just…yuck.


15. Typical teenager room

This room is not gross…just messy and full of stuff.  A little simple cleanup would go a long way for this room.