Secrets To Cleaning Your Home Like A Hotel Pro


When we’re in hotels, we marvel at how the rooms are so clean, fresh, and sparkling (that’s why we always want to make the most out of our hotel stays).  They do this every day and usually in just 30 minutes!  So how can we clean our own homes to make it look like it’s been cleaned by a hotel professional?  Check out these secrets to cleaning your home like a hotel pro.

#1 Have a plan in mind.

You have to have a plan in mind for each room in your house.  In hotels, the housekeeping staff are trained to strip all the linens, first and foremost.  As soon as you know what you’re going to clean and in what sequence, you can avoid repeating steps.  This will save you lots of time!

Have a plan in mind.

#2 Remove all the clutter first.

Start with a blank slate by removing all the clutter: empty the trash, take out all the dirty towels and linens, etc.  This is particularly true for the bathroom.  So set aside those bottles, bathmats, and the like that are on the toilet tank or counter.  This takes out the temptation of just wiping around the items or just lifting them and putting them back on a wet surface, where it can leave ring marks.

Remove all the clutter first.

#3 Begin from the top.

Always start from the top of the room and work your way down.  Since dust falls, it’s best to leave the bottom for last.

Begin from the top.

#4 Use microfiber rags.

To dust well, use a proper rag or cleaning cloth.  Microfiber is always the best.  If you don’t have that option, use something that is 100% cotton or just use a clean cloth diaper or an old shirt.  Avoid polyester or terrycloth towels that usually create more dust!

Use microfiber rags.

#5 Be careful when using chemicals.

Use chemicals sparingly and never ever mix them.  The mixture can make for harmful vapors.  To keep track of the products you use on which rags, use a different colored rag per chemical.  For example, you can have one for cleaning windows and another one for dusting.

Be careful when using chemicals.

#6 Take care of  the furniture too.

A lot of people just focus on hard surfaces and floors and forget the upholstery and sofas.  Vacuum using an attachment or use a microfiber cleaner to take away the dirt and dust particles that can break down fabric through time.

Take care of  the furniture too.

#7 Mind your appliances.

Although it is urgent to clean your room, make sure to also remember your appliances that keep your room clean.  Make sure your vacuums are inspected each month for any clogs.  Clean those brushes too.

Mind your appliances.

#8 Clean your lighting.

Make sure your rooms are well lit by dusting your light bulbs.  Remember to turn them off first and make it cool down, so they aren’t hot when you dust them.

Clean your lighting.

#9 Use natural light.

When you clean a room, open the windows so you can make use of natural light.  Not only does this give you better ventilation when you’re handling chemicals, but you can also see the small details.

Use natural light.

#10 Put protection on your beds.

By using mattress protectors, you keep the mattress clean but also lengthen the life of your mattress.  The same thing for your pillows.  Using and cleaning zippered pillow protectors periodically will lengthen the life of your pillows.  Also, you’re sure you’re resting your head on something clean!

Put protection on your beds.

#11 Use that fitted sheet.

Place clean fitted sheets on your nightstand.  Strip the bed and use the bed’s dirty fitted sheet to pack up the rest of the bedding.  Place the clean fitted sheet on the right portion of the bed.  Begin with the top corner, move to the bottom right corner, and do the bed clockwise.  Remember not to billow the sheets if your arms are tired.

Use that fitted sheet.

#12 Note those bed tags.

It’s always hard to make a bed that’s bigger than a twin.  No matter where you start, you always find out that you put the short end of the fitted sheet on the long end of the mattress or vice-versa.  Just remember: tags are always at the bottom.  Tags are on the right for queen sheets and tags are on the left for king sheets.

Note those bed tags.

#13 Whack drapes with a towel.

The best method to dusting the drapes is by whacking them with a hand towel.  It’s heavy enough to make an impact and light enough so your arms won’t tire.  After you knock out all of the dust to the floor, vacuum it.

Whack drapes with a towel.

#14 Do bathrooms last.

Begin with other rooms first, like the bedroom, the living room, etc., to minimize the transfer of bacteria.

Housewife cleaning desk in bathroom

#15 Be focused on scheduling your cleaning.

Create a schedule for yourself as to when you’re going to clean.  This doesn’t mean you have to do your entire house every single day.  You can focus on one room at a time.

Be focused on scheduling your cleaning.