Secrets To Cleaning Your Home Like A Hotel Pro


When we’re in hotels, we marvel at how the rooms are so clean, fresh, and sparkling (that’s why we always want to make the most out of our hotel stays).  They do this every day and usually in just 30 minutes!  So how can we clean our own homes to make it look like it’s been cleaned by a hotel professional?  Check out these secrets to cleaning your home like a hotel pro.

#1 Have a plan in mind.

You have to have a plan in mind for each room in your house.  In hotels, the housekeeping staff are trained to strip all the linens, first and foremost.  As soon as you know what you’re going to clean and in what sequence, you can avoid repeating steps.  This will save you lots of time!

Have a plan in mind.

#2 Remove all the clutter first.

Start with a blank slate by removing all the clutter: empty the trash, take out all the dirty towels and linens, etc.  This is particularly true for the bathroom.  So set aside those bottles, bathmats, and the like that are on the toilet tank or counter.  This takes out the temptation of just wiping around the items or just lifting them and putting them back on a wet surface, where it can leave ring marks.

Remove all the clutter first.