The Secrets To Success Revealed In Letters From A Wise 78-Year-Old Texan


People search the world over for the best ways to live a successful life…and the word ‘success’ has different meanings to different people. Being successful doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with money, power, or fame. It can be measured by your own self-fulfillment and happiness with who and what you are. We received letters from one of our readers, Reverend J. Roland Cole, a 78-year-old man from Texas. He explains how to live a successful life…and we’d like to share his tips with you too. Here are the secrets to success revealed in letters from a wise 78-year-old Texan.

 1. Thanking God, the Universe, or whatever it is that you believe in—for the good things in your life every day

This is Rev. Cole’s number one tip for living a happy and abundant life– giving thanks every single day for the good in your life.


 2. Being open to newness and abundance

J.R. Cole tells us that you don’t have to believe in an atheistic God to be blessed by gratitude and all its benefits.  If you are open to new opportunities and you are constantly showing gratitude for your blessings, then you will be blessed with even more!