See Them Before They Disappear Again! The World’s Most Famous Art Heists


The world most famous art heists will make you want to run to the nearest art museum—just in case THOSE get stolen as well!

#1  A Cat Burglar Steals From the Musée d’Art Moderne

Most recently in May 2010, a masked man stole inside the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris and slipped out with 5 priceless paintings.  This included the “Le Pigeon aux Petits Pois” of Picasso and the “La Pastorale” of Matisse (picture below). Investigators are still looking for the paintings.  Due to the high profile nature of the case, we’re thinking the thief does not want to sell these pieces!

A Cat Burglar Steals From the Musée d'Art Moderne