They Seem Delicious, But You’ll Never Eat These Terrifying Cakes


After we showed you some of the most bizarre and strange cakes inspired by Disney characters it is now time to feel horrified to look at some of the most frightening and weird cakes in the world. Sure, these cakes taste delicious. After all, the quality in their production is undeniable, but the appearance of them is enough to put even the greediest person off. Are you ready to lose your appetite completely? These scary cakes will totally mess with your mind, and your nightmares. Bon appetit!

#1 The Head

How about sampling a slice of this delicious-looking melted head cake?! Well, we really doubt that someone would have the guts to ask for a piece… meaning this bizarre cake has probably been left intact for all this time.


#2 Infernal Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the new trend of the moment – you can find thousands of creative cupcake recipes online, but how about the one below?! Um, sorry, but we don’t think so…


#3 Muscular Head

Check out this cake that shows all the muscles and veins underneath a human face. Do you dare cut a slice for yourself? Sorry, but we think we’d rather try another cake.


#4 Dexter’s Body

The channel ‘Fox’ decided to create an amazingly realistic yet scary cake in the form of one of the most famous characters on television. How about sampling a slice of Dexter?!

HorrorCake3 HorrorCake3-1

#5 The Dead Deer

Kids love birthday parties – they’re always waiting for that crucial moment in which the cake gets cut and they can try a piece. But, how do you think they’d react if they saw a deer head on the table?! We’d imagine the scene wouldn’t be a pretty one.


#6 Body Cake

This is absolutely bizarre! One side of the cake is completely fine, with a black cover over the top, but when you look at the other side, you’ll find the insides of a human body. Creepy stuff!


#7 The Dead Swan

Hmmm… how to scare your children?! All you have to do is tell them that Mommy baked a cake for dessert, and bring this hilariously weird dead swan cake onto the table. We really don’t understand this one.


#8 The Skull

This one is not so bad, and it looks extremely realistic and artistic. It’s probably the only cake in our selection that we’d even consider trying a slice of.


#9 The Octopus And The Skull

Here’s another very realistic cake that absolutely terrifies us, and is therefore pretty damn perfect for a Halloween party. How scary would it be to glance at the table and come face to face with this?! We’d run for our lives.


#10 The Mysterious Skull

It looks like some ancient queen died and they still keep her skull preserved and covered in jewels, or something. But, nope – it’s just another amazing and artistic cake. Would you like to try a piece?


#11 Black Coffin

Some people aren’t fazed by coffins, whereas others look at one and get totally creeped out. Nevertheless, who on Earth would want a black coffin cake for their special occasion?! Ummm, we’re pretty sure it’s nobody.


#12 The Strange Cat

Check out this very weird cat, and consider whether you’d like to have a cake like this baked for you. Well, if your birthday is on Friday the 13th, perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea!


#13 Siamese Skull

It’s pretty weird to see Siamese twins, but even weirder when we check out what their skulls would look like, fused together. How about this super-creative cake for your birthday?! Um, the idea is cool, but we wouldn’t actually want to eat it. Sorry!


#14 Pig Head

Is there anything more weird and creepy than coming face to face with a bunch of pig heads?! Even worse than this, you can actually eat them and they’ll taste delicious. What is happening to the world?!


#15 The Cursed Babies

This one below is really terrifying! Two bizarre baby heads to eat? Nope, sorry, but it’s just too much for our poor brains to handle.


#16 The Scary Sculpture

And how about this deadly-looking skull sculpture below? It’s pretty much half human, half skeleton, and can be eaten. Would you like to try a little bit? Muahahahaha!


#17 Here’s My Heart

It’s very common for couples in love to offer their hearts to one another, but it looks like someone (as always) has taken this to a whole new extreme level. Oh, come on!


#18 Meat Cake

Usually, cakes tend to be really sweet, so imagining a cake made from meat is not exactly appealing. We can guarantee your dog would go crazy to see this, but would be pretty disappointed when he actually tasted it.