Shameful People Who Definitely Don’t Know How To Use The Selfie Stick


In a time where photographs are worth many Facebook likes and other social media attention, the world is always eager for more inventions to help with this, like new cameras, filters, and accessories. One of the biggest innovations in the last year was the controversial “selfie stick” – some people love them, and some people hate them, but truth be told, they definitely help us a lot to capture a photograph without asking for someone else’s help. Unfortunately, everything that becomes a trend tends to attract a lot of stupid people who fail to learn how to use the invention properly. Here is a funny selection of some incredibly dumb people who definitely do not know how a selfie stick works. Enjoy!

#1 Hello!

Here’s a good example of technologically illiterate people who obviously have no idea how a selfie stick actually works. What is she trying to achieve? Please stop.


#2 Belfie

For those of you who aren’t aware, a “belfie” is a new term that means to take a selfie of your ass. However, these two attention-seeking chicks below are taking it to a whole new level – they’ve invented the belfie stick.


#3 Creativity

Did you know that you can get a selfie stick without spending a penny?! All you need to do is follow the advice of these frugal and creative girls below – why not use your dustpan to capture the perfect selfie?! It would be so glamorous to drag this around Paris taking selfies, right?!


#4 Wrong Time

The selfie stick was invented for times in the great outdoors when no-one else can take a picture of you. These people below clearly weren’t aware of that, and felt the need to take a totally unnecessary selfie at the worst time possible. Well done, you!


#5 Why?!

Just give us one good reason why this poor, poor creature is taking a picture of his/her food with a selfie stick. Is this some new Internet trend that we failed to hear about? Um, somehow, we don’t think that’s the case…


#6 Selfie Brush

When you think you’ve already seen everything in life, stupid inventions like the one below come along, and prove to us that human stupidity is completely limitless.


#7 New Selfie Stick Uses

If you think a selfie stick was invented purely to take pictures with, you were wrong. Contrary to popular belief, a selfie stick can also be used as a lethal weapon when the day taking constant selfies is getting on the stressful side.


#8 WTF?!

Check out what these two smart ladies are attempting to do, and try to not ask yourself why the world hasn’t ended yet. Looks like they’re pretty ashamed to be seen with each other! We wish we knew why…


#9 The Mirror

Of course, the classic mirror selfie was pushed to one side when the selfie stick came along, but it looks like this girl below didn’t quite grasp that concept yet. She just wasn’t ready to let her old habit die, so combined both trends together! What a genius.


#10 Please, No!

This is the problem with new inventions – people go crazy and start using them all the god damn time. Please tell us why you need to take selfies when you’re sitting on the sofa, minding your own business, and looking like sh*t?! What an interesting scene!


#11 I Want A Picture

Some people become so selfish when they have the selfie stick in their hands, that they simply don’t care if someone else is around trying to take a picture. They’re too cool for regular pictures now – the selfie stick is where it’s at.


#12 Shame On Us

Old people are always making young people feel totally embarrassed, especially when they are introduced to a new trend and don’t know how exactly to go about using it. This old guy couldn’t resist taking a sweet family selfie at the dinner table, but he didn’t expect for them to react like this.


#13 It’s A Crime

Because of the problems that some people create with the selfie stick, South Korea got sick of the bullsh*t and decided to ban them from their country completely. It’s pretty radical, but perhaps it’s a wise move!


#14 Enjoy Your Meal Selfie Stick

Why can’t some people just eat without feeling the need to photograph every inch of their plate?! Even worse than this is using a selfie stick inside the restaurant. So embarrassing…


#15 Lonely Selfie

The good part of the selfie stick is that you can travel places alone and take awesome pictures at the same time. It’s a good way to convince people you weren’t there alone, but this guy is definitely not gonna fool us.


#16 Spontaneously Fake

What are these two girls trying to document exactly with the selfie stick?! They want us to believe that they were spontaneously walking in the river when, suddenly, an accidental picture was taken! Oh, come on… we’re not that stupid.


#17 Smile If You’re Stupid

Here’s another marvellous selfie taken in front of the mirror… uh, with a selfie stick. Okay, so there’s many ways to use this smart invention, but this most certainly is not one of them.


#18 The Invisible Friend

These friends have a male friend sitting right opposite them at the table, but for some reason, they don’t trust his photography skills, and would rather capture a photo of them with a selfie stick instead. Why?!