Shameful People Who Definitely Don’t Know How To Use The Selfie Stick


In a time where photographs are worth many Facebook likes and other social media attention, the world is always eager for more inventions to help with this, like new cameras, filters, and accessories. One of the biggest innovations in the last year was the controversial “selfie stick” – some people love them, and some people hate them, but truth be told, they definitely help us a lot to capture a photograph without asking for someone else’s help. Unfortunately, everything that becomes a trend tends to attract a lot of stupid people who fail to learn how to use the invention properly. Here is a funny selection of some incredibly dumb people who definitely do not know how a selfie stick works. Enjoy!

#1 Hello!

Here’s a good example of technologically illiterate people who obviously have no idea how a selfie stick actually works. What is she trying to achieve? Please stop.