The Most Shameful Selfies On The Internet Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Selfies, Selfies, Selfies! Like some kind of epidemic, selfies are all over the internet. We already showed you here that selfies with animals are the best way to make your selfies awesome, but what makes the worst selfies? What makes totally terrible selfies? Well, today, we have the answers to those questions. We made a special selection of the most shameful selfies ever posted to the internet. Check out these bizarre and weird selfies from all over the world – but trust us, never copy any of these people below, if you want to hold on to your dignity. Enjoy!

#1 Selfie With A Banana

She’s supposed to be working, but instead of doing her job, she preferred to take this awful selfie eating a banana. How wrong is this terrible decision? Well, two things are for sure: her boss didn’t like it, and she’ll probably never ever live this down.


#2 No Shame

Some people love selfies in front of the mirror, and will try whatever they can just to get one, just like this shameless dude below, who decided spontaneously to get on the floor and click a selfie in front of a mirrored door. But, he was so lost in the moment that he forgot everyone can see him from the inside. Oops!


#3 WTF?!

We know that women are most responsible for cases of strange selfies, and this happens when they take selfies constantly. But come on, what on Earth is this below?! Please, lady, just go find a mirror, and stop humiliating yourself in front of everyone.


#4 The Accident

This poor girl below suffered a terrible car accident and decided to make the most of the drama, by posting this selfie after the accident, to see how many likes she could get to take away the pain.


#5 Give Me One Good Reason

Selfies in the mirror are already pretty weird, and they’re even worse when you’re taking a selfie in the mirror and randomly hanging off of the door like this weird chick below. This is just too much for us. Please stop.


#6 Laptop Selfie

Some people seem to not understand technology at all. How weird is it to take selfies on your laptop? Not only that, but in the middle of a lecture, with a bunch of people sitting behind you?! Yeah, it’s rather strange. What a crazy world we live in.


#7 Sensual Selfie

All that this guy wants is to get himself in a good enough ‘selfie position’, which involves laying down on the classroom floor. Who even does stuff like this?! This world needs less ego and more love.


#8 The Zoo Selfie

“From monkey to monkey” is the hidden message behind this embarrassing moment at the zoo. If your dad or boyfriend was acting like this, would you leave him there alone and go home? We would.


#9 The Shopaholic

Social media was created for the best intentions, but most people use it for the wrong reasons. That’s why we have to face awkward moments every day that make us pretty embarrassed to have the friends we do. This shopaholic below probably won’t buy any of the items she’s holding… she probably just wants to get a reaction out of her jealous friends.


#10 The Fake Selfie

Some self-obsessed people are crazy for selfies, so they try every single position to find the best angle for their selfies. So, when they stretch their arms out as far as possible and look away from the camera, it’s pretty clear that they’re trying to pretend someone’s taking a spontaneous picture of them. Poor, poor people.


#11 Contortionist Selfie

What did this chick smoke to make her believe this position was a good idea for a selfie? We don’t know what you guys think about this, but it’s pretty damn bizarre.


#12 #Instafood #Fail

This hash tag is very famous and often used by users who like to show what they are eating, but this girl took it a little too far and decided to show the world what she was eating after she chewed the food. Oh, lord!


#13 Everyone Going Crazy

We don’t know exactly what ignited this selfie chain reaction, but it’s pretty bizarre how people lose their sanity sometimes and start behaving like wild animals just so they can get their precious selfie.


#14 Crazy Faces

Take our advice: most selfies are scary enough, so don’t take it to another level and act like this terrifying chick below. We don’t need that kind of fear in our lives.


#15 The Wrong Place

This dude below is taking his daily selfie… during a funeral ceremony. Not only that, but he’s making a really weird grimace, almost as if he’s planning to add the caption, “Can’t wait to go home and play XBox, this funeral is sooooo boring.” Why? Just WHY?


#16 #DrinkingWater

Some people choose some pretty bizarre places to take selfies sometimes, just like this girl below, who is hiding behind a wall to take a selfie of herself… drinking water. How many likes does this deserve? None!


#17 Please, No!

Just like the girl above, this guy clearly has serious problems when it comes to choosing sensible ‘selfie locations’. Why on Earth did he think anyone would be interested in seeing him brush his teeth? Like we said before, this world is crazy.


#18 No Respect At All

We’ve already showed you the guy taking a selfie at the funeral ceremony, but this girl has taken that to a whole new level of disrespect. Why is she smiling?! Some people just don’t think before they click.