She’ll Love What These Pieces Of Wood Become…


Just in time for wedding season and a great gift generally, these pieces of wood become a memorable keepsake for the perfect couple. Follow along and watch how memories are made. Sure, you could buy something similar online, but hard work, effort and thought make memories. This great idea comes from Mtaylor0812_ .

Choices, choices, choices


The prez of my company had just cut down a small tree on our lot. Gave me the perfect opportunity to grab a small supply for decorations and knick knacks for our wedding. Now just to pick the right size for the box.

Two correlating pieces


I work at a family owned machine & fabrication shop – so all the tools I needed were readily available. This made the process so much easier than it would have been. I saw cut two slabs out of a branch. The bottom piece was 2″ thick and the top was 1/2″ thick. I then sanded the ends of both pieces with 80 grit, then 120 grit, and finally 240 grit sand paper.

The hole


I started out by drilling out an off-center hole 1″ in diameter of the bottom of the “box”. In my mind this sounded big enough, but I ended up making it bigger by the time it was all said and done.

Attaching the lid


I completely forgot to get a picture of the process, but this is after I attached the swiveling top. I cut a piece of 1/4″ threaded rod 3/4″ long and traced it on the spot I wanted it on the bottom of the lid. I then put a small dab of glue in the center of that tracing and set the lid on top of the base. When I took the lid off, there was a dab of glue on the base that aligned with the dab of glue on the bottom oft he lid, giving me both places to drill for my threaded rod. I drilled a hole slightly smaller than 1/4″ on both pieces and then used a tap to thread the holes for the 1/4″ all thread. Screwed most of it into the base and then put a dab of gorilla glue in the hole of the lid and threaded it on top.

Hole adjustment


This is when I realized the hole wasn’t going to be big enough. I went from a 1″ diameter hole to 1 5/8″. Which ended up being perfect.

Much better.


Burning it in.


I bought a (correct me if I’m wrong) pyrography gun off of amazon for about $20 to burn some kind of wording onto the top of the lid. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go with. This was practice on an extra scrap piece I had cut and sanded. I decided to go with mr. & mrs. It seemed neat and unique.

Laying it out on the actual piece.




I don’t think it turned out half bad. Burned the lettering in and then went over the letters with an eraser to wipe away the extra pencil from laying it out.

Finished Product

final image