Shocking New Study Suggests Your Beard May Be Dirtier Than A Toilet


Watch out bearded men, your facial hair might be dirtier than you think.  Lumberjacks, Karl Marx, and Jesus —what do all these men have in common? Their beards, of course! They’ve been around forever, come in all different shapes and sizes, and have been popping up all across the hipster-sphere. But now, a shocking new study suggests your beard may be dirtier than a toilet.  Find out why:

1. Beards are all the rage

A source of pride for men, and an instant turn-on for (most) ladies, beards have become a staple in the millennial hipster’s style, and have even become commonplace amongst celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix and George Clooney.


2. Beards are a breeding ground

Bearded men are exponentially more exposed to skin infection than their shaved counterparts, as dirty hands and food crumbs leave residues that eventually decompose amongst the hairs. Even if washed regularly, beards contain bacterias that can lead to greater susceptibility to the common cold or eczema.


3. Clean-shaven is out

It would seem that everywhere that you look men appear to have beards and it seems as though they are now as popular as they used to be in the days before Mr Gillette came upon the scene, when having a clean-shaven face was fashionable.


4. Dirty beards

Now of course there is nothing wrong with having a beard, it can suit some men, but how clean are they? New research carried out by a microbiologist in New Mexico, John Golobic, of Quest Diagnostics has been swabbing a few beards to see if they contained any bacteria and the results may surprise quite a few people, including men with facial hair!


5. Toilet seat

What he found was that, not unsurprisingly, some beards contained traces of normal bacteria and it would probably be no different than a person’s hair on their head before shampooing. However some beards that he swabbed contained so much fecal matter, poo to you and me, that they could be compared to a toilet. Now many would be wondering just how this poo got into the beard?


6. Dirty water

What Mr Golobic did say was that if samples were taken in a water supply and similar levels found, the supply would be immediately closed.


7. Thick hair

The coarse and kinky nature of beards lends itself to trapping dirt, germs and grease. Milk is also known to get trapped in beards and eventually become rancid. While the milk scenario is a little far-fetched and probably rare, it’s extremely disgusting. Wash your beard fellas.


8. Clean your hands

Well surely it is down to basic hygiene when using the toilet, we are all aware that we should always wash our hands thoroughly when we have used a toilet and there can be few places where hand washing facilities are not available, indeed it is compulsory in restaurants!


9. Don’t touch that beard!

So whether you have a beard or not hand washing after using a toilet is a must, and we suggest that you avoid scratching your beard if you decide not to! Lots of hand and beard scrubbing is the order of the day!


10. Keep it clean

Routinely scrubbing and trimming your beard will help keep gross bacteria from building up.  Keep it neat, boys!