Shocking Pictures Proving That Modern Technology Is Destroying Us


It’s hard to imagine the world today without the Internet, computers, or without our cell phones, of course, since we’re practically glued to them most of the time. But did you ever consider that perhaps technology might just be destroying the human race? To some of you, that might not make any sense, but at the same time we’re becoming connected online, we are becoming more and more distant from one another in the real world. Many of us actually forget to live and enjoy the real world, in favour of the false illusions of the virtual world. Here is a shocking selection proving that modern technology is destroying the human race. Turn off your cell phone, and go live in the real world!

#1 Virtual Lovers

Kiss me hard, while I check how many likes my new profile picture got.


#2 Old Generations Vs. New Generations

They get a lot of stick, but at least older people know how to enjoy life without the use of technology.