Shocking Pictures And Stories Of People Before And After Drugs


In a world each day more stressful and sick, drugs are being introduced into the daily lives of regular people, especially the younger ones, as an effective and cheap remedy for relieving stress and depression. However, the biggest problem is that people are forgetting that drugs can only offer a fake momentary relief, meaning that their needs will get stronger, and before long they will need more potent and frequent doses of the substance. This begins a silent and painful behaviour that we know as an “addiction”. The addiction to drugs, especially the most lethal ones like meth amphetamine, heroin and crack, among others, are some of the most dangerous in the world. They can make a completely healthy person change drastically in just a few months of chemical addiction. Loss of weight and conscience, marks and blemishes all over the body and a seriously weakened immune system are just a few of the terrible effects that drugs can have on people. What many people do not realize is that addiction will almost always lead to one thing, and one thing only: death. Stress at work and/or in relationships or losses of people in our lives are just a couple of reasons why people end up becoming drug addicts, so we must always look for safe and effective ways to solve our emotional problems, like therapy. Drugs often seem to be the easiest solution for emotional problems, but they are actually just a trap that end up destroying our lives instead of making them better. Below are some shocking examples of people before and after drugs – and bear in mind, these tragic stories will only prove the devastating effects of drugs even further. And remember, we must always be open to the harrowing statistics and facts about drugs, no matter how ‘cool’ people around you might make them seem.

#1 The Shocking Story Of The Brazilian Model Loemy Marques Who Lost Her Career And Beauty Because Of Chemical Drugs


Loemy Marques was a promising 24-year-old Brazilian model who left her homeland in the quiet state of Mato Grosso, to start her modelling career in the biggest economic capital of Brazil, the city of Sao Paulo. Loemy was slim and blonde with distinctive green eyes, with the potential to become a major international model. However, her innocence was taken advantage of, and before long she became addicted to cocaine, no thanks to the producers who introduced her to the drug, among others. This began a degenerative process that would destroy her beauty and modelling career completely.

Because of her addiction to cocaine, the young Loemy started losing a lot of important jobs. She was always late to photoshoots and was looking even more haggard day by day, causing her career to decline drastically. She started using other powerful drugs, which culminated in the complete loss of all her money, personal goods, work prospects, and dignity. These days, Loemy lives on the streets of Sao Paulo in a neighbourhood known as “Cracolândia” (Land of Crack) where hundreds of drug addicts live together as victims of trafficking. Recently, a TV show in Brazil discovered Loemy’s story, and are paying for her treatment in a recovery clinic to try and rescue her from this terrible addiction.


#2 Tragic Journey From Pretty Student To Heroin Addict

The British girl Leanne Johnson was a pretty student with a good family. She experienced a few problems in her adolescence, but none of them were different to what other girls her age were going through, too. Unfortunately, Leanne began using heroin to try to ease the pain and depression that began shortly after ending a relationship. She quickly lost interest in life and her appearance was decreasing by the day, which is when her family found out about her addiction, and decided that they had to do something. But by this point, it was too late. Leanne was using 6 bags of heroin per day, and selling her body to pay off her drug debts. Although the family did everything they could, including various rehab clinics and even a British television show, Leanne always went back to the drugs. Unfortunately, she died from an overdose in September 2014.


One of Leanne’s sisters, Melanie Gatis, said: ”No family should go through what we went through. We honestly thought we’d got our sister back. It’s heartbreaking – Leanne was fun loving, funny and she was just really looking forward to her future. It is so sad.”