Situations Socially Awkward People Hate To Be In


If you’re a little bit socially awkward, then you detest getting roped into situations that you know will be uncomfortable.  The awkwardness is inevitable.  Here are 15 situations socially awkward people hate to be in.

1. When you get to a social gathering late and people have already formed groups

Well, that’s just great.  Who am I going to talk to now, myself? No wonder I don’t have any friends.


2. When someone sits next to you on public transportation, thus blocking you from getting off before them

“Um, sorry, excuse me.  Yeah, if you could just move a little, I’ll, uh, squeeze by you.”  Mortifying.


3. When you’re trying to order food but have no idea what you’re doing

Not only do you feel like an idiot, you probably look like one too.


4. When you’re in an elevator with someone you barely know

Now, this is serious pressure.  Do you say hi or do you wait for them to say something or do you just stand there silently.  What to do!?!


5. When you speak for the first time in a long time and your voice cracks

This is especially awful if it happens in a classroom setting or in a work meeting when lots of other people are listening to you.


6. When a number you don’t recognize calls you and you have to decide whether to answer or not

Um…how about not.  If it’s important they can leave a message….and then maybe I’ll call them back tomorrow.


7. When you go to hug someone but they weren’t expecting it

Um, please excuse me for getting so weirdly close to your body.


8. When someone compliments you and you don’t know what to do

Uh…..thanks.  I guess.


9. When someone you like enters the room and you’re trying act casual

Wait a minute…what is normal again?  What does normal look like?


10. When you arrive first to something and have to stand there awkwardly by yourself

“Um, I guess I’ll just check my phone so I don’t look like such a loser.”


11. When you think someone is talking to you…but they were talking to someone else

*Waves*  Wait, was that not meant for me. Ohhhhhh. Well.  This is embarrassing.


12. When you get stuck between two people arguing

Umm….can we say awkward?  Do they even remember that I’m here.


13. When someone gets something wrong and your opportunity to comfortably correct them has passed

Ugh….why.  Why. Why. WHY.  Should I tell them now? Or just let it go?  But they said that totally wrong…


14. When you’re listening to music in a quiet environment, so you have to frequently pull out your earphones to check that no one else can hear your music

The struggle is real, yo, the struggle is real.


15. When someone’s walking at that awkward distance where you don’t know whether you should hold the door open for them or not

Should I just stand here and wait for them?  Then they’ll have to do that awkward jog to the door…or I could just let it shut.  Will they think I’m rude if I just keep walking and let it shut.  Am I a rude person? Hm….