Someone Ate This– Disgusting Meals You Won’t Believe Someone Made


People love food.  I mean, we have to eat every single day, several times a day– so why not make it enjoyable, right?  But, just because we eat so frequently doesn’t mean it’s always the most enjoyable of experiences. Here are some meals that are somewhat less than appealing.  They look pretty nasty.  Someone ate this– disgusting meals you won’t believe someone made.

1. Mysterious Jell-O

There’s an old says that goes something like this: “If you can’t discern what’s inside the jello…don’t eat it.”  Or maybe I made that up…still, it seems like good counsel, doesn’t it?


2. Casserole disaster

So, casseroles are typically the dish that you go to when you just need something easy to make where you can throw a bunch of stuff together.  But, that doesn’t mean you should use everything in your kitchen.  This casserole with noodles, meat and giant hunks of cheese on top looks pretty gross.