Someone Ate This– Disgusting Meals You Won’t Believe Someone Made


People love food.  I mean, we have to eat every single day, several times a day– so why not make it enjoyable, right?  But, just because we eat so frequently doesn’t mean it’s always the most enjoyable of experiences. Here are some meals that are somewhat less than appealing.  They look pretty nasty.  Someone ate this– disgusting meals you won’t believe someone made.

1. Mysterious Jell-O

There’s an old says that goes something like this: “If you can’t discern what’s inside the jello…don’t eat it.”  Or maybe I made that up…still, it seems like good counsel, doesn’t it?


2. Casserole disaster

So, casseroles are typically the dish that you go to when you just need something easy to make where you can throw a bunch of stuff together.  But, that doesn’t mean you should use everything in your kitchen.  This casserole with noodles, meat and giant hunks of cheese on top looks pretty gross.


3. Waffles and pizza

This is a random meal that doesn’t seem to go together very well.  First, there’s pizza, which is fine except for the fact that it has onions on it.  Then you have waffles on top of the pizza, plus a jar of mayo with a spoon and a glass of milk.  So, is the mayo for the waffles or the pizza or are you just going to eat it out of the jar?



4. Mystery meat

If you can’t tell what kind of meat you’re about to eat…well, that’s never a good sign.  We can’t tell if this is poultry or some kind of blanched beef.  Maybe it tastes ok…but it sure looks gross.



5.Creepy fingers and rice

Is anyone else totally creeped out by those four hot dogs that look like fingers reaching down into this bowl?  Ugh, gross.  Then you have rice soaked by a chunky brown mixture.  Nothing looks good about this.


6. Nativity casserole

Even though this doesn’t look very tasty, the cook gets points for creativity.  They created the entire Nativity scene out of hash browns, sausage, bacon, and ham.  Pretty impressive, I must say.


7. Super layer casserole

So you always hear about those 7-layer dips that are so yummy.  Well, seven layers isn’t always the best way to go.  Sometimes you just need to learn when enough is enough.  This is like a shepherd’s pie gone oh-so-very wrong.


8. Mac and Cheese in a blanket

I understand nothing about this.  You’ve got macaroni and cheese, wrapped in salami and placed in marinara sauce.  What are they trying to accomplish here?  Gag reflexes?


9. Guacamole squiggles

This salad would look perfectly fine…if it weren’t for the worm-like squiggles of what we can only assume is guacamole.  Gross!


10. Deep fried rat

Nothing like deep-fried varmint to make your mouth start to water…


11. We don’t even know what to make of this

Like, what is this?  Is it jello?  Is it corn meal?  Or sticky rice?  Perhaps potato or noodles with carrots and peppers?  All we know is please don’t feed it to us.


12. Gross stuff in a pan

“Meat surprise” is never a good thing, as you can clearly see here.


13. Mixing it all together

While this is pretty gross, we must applaud the person who’s not afraid to eat their Fruit Loops next to rice and beans, followed by a tortilla stuffed with peas, carrots, and ham.


14. Dorito spaghetti

We aren’t quite sure what was supposed to happen here…but this is just confusing…spaghetti noodles on Doritos?  Oh wait…I just realized the ‘noodles’ is actually spray cheese….which doesn’t make this any less gross.


15. Cheese and crackers

Well, this is a different kind of cheese dip than we’ve ever seen before.  We’re all pleasantly disgusted.