Step Inside Millionaire Mike Tyson’s Creepy Abandoned Mansion


At first glance, you may think the following pictures were taken in some kind of evacuated area like Chernobyl, but these photos were actually taken at the millionaire Mike Tyson’s abandoned mansion in Southington, Ohio. The boxing legend, who lost all his money through drug and alcohol problems and ended up declaring bankrupt, lived in this giant mansion from the 1980’s until the early 1990’s. He chose the city of Southington, Ohio so that he could always live close to his trainer. This big mansion, that was once worth millions of dollars, was sold for 1.3 million in 1999, and will soon be transformed into a church. Pretty ironic, right?! So, step inside this big abandoned mansion, and check out what Mike Tyson’s lifestyle was like. Note all the old 90’s electronic devices – the house is practically frozen in time, and it’s really creepy.

#1 The Front Gate


#2 The House From A Distance