Stop Saying, ‘I Have Nothing To Wear!’: Shop Your Closet


Definitely, it’s fun to go shopping for clothes.  Also, it’s great to buy an item or two you might really like.  But this is not really required to come up with a stylish and classy look.  You can actually do a lot with your existing wardrobe when you shop your closet.  You can rework old pieces or even wear them in different ways.  Also check out these fashion cheat sheets you need to look stylish to amp up your wardrobe.

#1 Take some time to evaluate your closet.

Set aside a date, a couple of hours during the evening or the weekend to evaluate your closet.  If you’re really pressed for time, take a few minutes a week.  The result will be a closet full of stylish outfits!

Take some time to evaluate your closet.

#2 Decide to toss, donate, or keep clothes.

If you have times that are underused or not even used, consider removing them from your closet.  Remember, you have to focus on quality, not quantity.  You might even find some great items somewhere deep inside your closet!

Decide to toss, donate, or keep clothes.

#3 Find some inspiration.

Start thinking and looking for inspiration.  From your inspiration, challenge yourself to create as many outfits from your ideas.  Try mix and matching all kinds of pieces, accessories, and jewelry to create different looks.  Check out Pinterest or fashion magazines to get your creative juices flowing.  You can even go window shopping!

Find some inspiration.

#4 Make everything accessible.

Always iron your clothes.  If you have everything ironed ahead of time, you will get dressed faster and you will wear more of your existing clothes.

Make everything accessible.

#5 Take note of your closet contents.

As you come up with outfit ideas, take a photo of the combination or write it down.  When you keep track of your outfits, you can get dressed easier every day.  You can even go through your catalog of outfits when you’re in a rush to come up with an outfit.

Take note of your closet.

#6 Reorder your clothes.

Of course, you can’t wear what you can’t see.  Make the most of your clothes by making them visible to you.  Move overused clothes to the back of your closet or drawers and place those you barely wear somewhere in plain sight.  Consider having categories either per season, per occasion, and the like.

Reorder your clothes.

#7 Be creative.

If you think outside of the box, you can wear old things in new ways.  Layer items that look interesting together.  Wear your old clothes in new ways.  Case in point, a party skirt paired with a jacket might be too tired.  But pair that skirt with a long men wear vest with a belt at the waist can give it an oomph.

Be creative.

#8 Layer it on.

To create warmth and interest, try layering.  You can wear a vest on top of a jacket instead of under it; wear a short vest over a long top; wear a cropped top over a long blouse; wear a belt on top of everything…

Layer it on.

#9 Work on themes.

Style your closet by working on themes.  Combine different lengths, mix textures, go architectural and sleek, combine different volumes!

Work on themes.

#10 Go outside of the fashion box.

Fashion does not only exist in clothes.  Play with ideas outside like nature, interior decoration, etc.  The resources are just endless!

Go outside of the fashion box.

#11 Think about alteration.

You can reinvent your wardrobe by alteration.  You can crop jeans to shorts or include gems or piping onto shirts.  This is easy to do and inexpensive.

Think about alteration.

#12 Play up the color.

Experiment with color.  Mix unconventional combinations like teal and navy or teal and brown.  Or create a look that incorporated different colors all in one.

Play up the color.

#13 Optimize accessories.

Accessories like jewelry, scarves, handbags, and shoes are important in transforming ordinary clothes into something more fabulous.  Use your scarves as belts, tie it to the handle of a handbag, or layer different kinds of jewelry from your accessories collection to revive and reinvent pants, tops, skirts, etc.

Optimize accessories.

#14 Keep everything organized.

If your closet is organized, you will be more inspired to put together a stylish outfit.  Group your outfits in a way that makes sense to you.  There are even people who put complete outfits together to decrease their stress in thinking of what to wear.

Keep everything organized.

#15 Have some fun!

Some people take style too seriously, making sure everything has to go perfectly with each other.  But fashion must be unique and you should put your personal stamp on it.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—you wouldn’t know if an outfit will work unless you try it out first!

Have some fun!