Strangest Celebrity Baby Names


We have no idea why celebrities seem to choose such weird names for their kids, other than maybe trying to make their kids sound unique and different.  I guess if you made it, then you also get to name it whatever you want.  Here are 15 of the strangest celebrity baby names around.

1. Megaa Omari Grandberry (Omarion + Apryl Jones)

We aren’t sure why Megaa needed to have two A’s…but whatever.  This baby has got probably the coolest sounding name around.  Nobody will be able to pick on her at the playground…I mean really, her name is Megaa.


2.  Titan Jewell (Kelly Rowland + Tim Witherspoon)

Don’t mess with this kid either– this baby is going to be a Titan…literally.  Either that or this is a they’ll have the most gigantic diamond of all time.


3. Wyatt Isabelle (Mila Kunis + Ashton Kutcher)

So, Wyatt can be a girl’s name too, I guess. We feel like they just randomly picked two names from the list of most popular baby names and stuck the two unlikely ones together.


4. Briar Rose (Rachel Bilson + Hayden Christensen)

Is this like another name for sleeping beauty?  Her names are like opposites of each other.


5. Sunday Molly (Mike Myers + Kelly Myers)

Mike Myers said on David Letterman, “Me and my wife Kelly hate Sundays,” and they named their baby in hopes of turning that around. This is a sweet thought if you don’t really think about it…


6. River Rose (Kelly Clarkson + Brandon Blackstock)

Rose appears to be a popular middle name for babies.  And River?  Well, maybe it was just because that’s where she was conceived or something?


7. Apollo Bowie Flynn (Gwen Stefani + Gavin Rossdale)

Giving your kid a lot of names to work with is probably good call — it lets them take the power back and choose how to be identified as they grow up. But you have to throw something easy and/or boring in there, in case Bowie feels more like a Barry.


8. Royal Reign (Lil’ Kim + Papers)

This kid is seriously going to think she’s the legitimate queen someday. I see entitlement issues in her future.


9. Esmeralda Amanda (Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes)

I’m confused by this name.  Her first name is a little bit Latina and spicy and different…and then her middle name is the most boring American  name of all time, except for maybe Sarah.


10. Bodhi Ransom (Megan Fox + Brian Austin Green)

Call us old-fashioned, but we just don’t think it’s a good idea to name your kid Ransom.


11. Buzz Michelangelo (Tom Fletcher + Giovanna Fletcher)

Renaissance painter and space guy? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Toy Story? This name lacks thematic consistency.


12. Sid Biggs (Jason Biggs + Jenny Mollen)

Speaking of Toy Story, OF COURSE Jason Biggs would give his son the villain’s name. To be honest, we expected much worse coming from him.


13. Summer Rain (Christina Aguilera + Matthew Rutler)

You are beautiful, no matter what your name.



14. Saint Lazslo (Pete Wentz + Meagan Camper)

The silver lining here is now at least little Lazlo’s brother, Pete’s other kid Bronx Mowgli, will have someone to share solace with in the cruel, cruel elementary school lunch rooms.


15. Jane Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel + Molly McNearney)

Sorry Jimmy, but you can’t buck the trend by having a totally normal, classic name for your wonderful new daughter. You make the list because you didn’t PLAY THE GAME.