Strangest Celebrity Baby Names


We have no idea why celebrities seem to choose such weird names for their kids, other than maybe trying to make their kids sound unique and different.  I guess if you made it, then you also get to name it whatever you want.  Here are 15 of the strangest celebrity baby names around.

1. Megaa Omari Grandberry (Omarion + Apryl Jones)

We aren’t sure why Megaa needed to have two A’s…but whatever.  This baby has got probably the coolest sounding name around.  Nobody will be able to pick on her at the playground…I mean really, her name is Megaa.


2.  Titan Jewell (Kelly Rowland + Tim Witherspoon)

Don’t mess with this kid either– this baby is going to be a Titan…literally.  Either that or this is a they’ll have the most gigantic diamond of all time.