All The Struggles That Come With Wearing High Heels


Women like to look pretty and feel feminine and one of the best ways to do this is by wearing high heels.  But, as any woman who has ever worn heels can attest, there’s a whole lot of pain that goes along with putting those shoes on.  It’s a difficult and painful process…but someone’s got to do it.  Here are all the struggles that come with wearing high heels.

1. You decide to break in a new pair of shoes around the house

But after about five minutes you have to take them off from sheer pain. They’re so high!  How will I ever manage to wear these out of the house?


2. Deciding to be brave and not bring a pair of back-up shoes when you’re going out

You’re tough.  You can do this.  You can handle a pair of shoes for one night.  Piece of cake!


3. Trying to strut your stuff like a model

…and failing miserably.  How do models survive on those shoes?


4. You try to look like you know what you’re doing

but really you’re waddling around like a girl who can’t walk


5. Really not being able to walk after having a few drinks

Walking is hard enough…when you’re drunk, it really becomes impossible.


6. Taking your shoes off so you can comfortably hit the dance floor

Who wants to try to dance while wearing those foot murderers?


7. Walking home barefoot

Because you’d rather have black bottoms of your feet than suffer in those shoes.


8. Getting blisters from the spots where your shoes rub

And then not being able to keep the dang band-aids over the spots where you have blisters.


9. Losing circulation so you can’t feel your feet

…and yet feeling all of the pain at the same time.


10. Walking as slowly as possible so you don’t further injure yourself

You don’t want people to know that your adorable new shoes hurt.  You’ll just walk slow like you’re cool like that.


11. Feel the burn

Oh, it’s  not from exercise.  It’s from that burning sensation in the ball of your foot every time you take a step.


12. When you have to run away quickly

Right…because running in heels actually works…not.


13. Somehow you manage to trip and fall even though there is literally nothing to trip over

The worst part is that it happens over and over and over.


14. Making the mistake of putting your heels back on after taking them off

It was the worst possible thing you could do.


15. Just wanting to sit and not move for the rest of the night

and also the rest of forever.


16. You tell yourself you’ll never wear heels again ever

Even though you’ll change your mind the next day.  What?  They’re so pretty!