Struggles All Girls Go Through In The Summertime


It’s finally summer, which means it’s hot outside, you’ll be wearing a lot less clothing and you’ll be hoping for some beach time.  But, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’re worry-free.  There is still plenty you have to stress about!  Here are 15 struggles all girls go through in the summertime.

1. Shaving, shaving all the time

There are no more long jeans to hide your hairy legs.  So, you must shave on the reg.  It’s a pain and you hate it but you’d die being caught with stubbly legs.


2. Sunburn and tan lines

Ugh.  What a pain.  Tan lines are inevitable and annoying and sunburn just plain hurts.  Have you ever tried wearing a bra strap over your sunburn.  Let me tell ya– ouch.


3. Having your legs chafe when wearing shorts or skirts

We all get chafing from time to time.  It reminds us that we don’t work for Victoria’s Secret or have a thigh gap. Thank you summer.


4. Going strapless is a pain

You’ll just be pulling it up all day long while feeling pretty frumpy.


5. Wearing any kind of swimsuit means your constantly checking to see if a boob popped out

Because that happens, you know.  It happens all the time.  Beware of water slides, beach waves, and diving boards.  They can pull your suit right off.


6. Getting stuck to any surface you sit on because your legs are sweaty and sticky

Yes, nothing better than leaving a butt imprint in a leather seat…especially one that’s dripping with sweat.


7. Humidity ruining your hair instantly

There’s nothing you can do.  Just accept the inevitable.  Your hair will be ruined the moment you step out the door.


8. Trying to keep your makeup from sweating off your face

Yuck.  Why did you wear makeup again?  It just came off after being outside for like two seconds.


9. Wearing your hair up everyday because of neck sweat

For those who don’t have long luscious locks, long hair is actually incredibly hot and sweaty in the summertime.


10. Boob sweat.

It happens.  It’s all up under there, like leaking from underneath your breast.  It’s yuck and stuck and you’ll be fanning yourself while your boobs are dying.


11. Trying to keep your feet looking clean and neat after wearing flip-flops all the time

Nobody likes to see dirty feet.  Feet are gross enough as it is.  So, if your toes and heels are looking a little bit black, please, for the sake of all that is good, please, go wash them.  It’s so gross.


12. Dealing with the woes of waterproof mascara

It will always leave black smudges underneath your eyes when swimming and then it will be like permanent marker when you’re trying to take it off.


13. Trying to remove last season’s nail polish from your toes

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having your toes look less than presentable at any given time.  Especially with chipped and fading polish.


14. Having to tame your lady garden in order to wear a swimsuit

An arduous and difficult task.


15. Trying to sit gracefully in the grass in the skirt

I’m trying not to show off my underwear to the world, but oh my goodness, this is uncomfortable.