Struggles Girls With Thin Hair Go Through All The Time


Girls, if you’ve got luxurious thick and heavy hair, you might think your life is hard, but it’s really not.  At least you have a full head of gorgeous hair that blows all over the place in the wind, as opposed to us girls with thin, fine hair feel.  We’re concerned that people will notice how tiny our ponytails are or how we look like hairless rats in the pool.  It’s just so, so sad. Here are 15 struggles girls with thin hair go through all the time.

1. Wrapping your ponytail holder a million times over

Your wrist is like, exhausted from twisting and wrapping over and over again.


2. Your sock bun looks like a sad lump

You won’t have any of those giant, full sock buns around here.  Oh no– you’ve gotta fake it to make it.  If you saw the real size of my sock bun you would be shocked.