Struggles Girls With Thin Hair Go Through All The Time


Girls, if you’ve got luxurious thick and heavy hair, you might think your life is hard, but it’s really not.  At least you have a full head of gorgeous hair that blows all over the place in the wind, as opposed to us girls with thin, fine hair feel.  We’re concerned that people will notice how tiny our ponytails are or how we look like hairless rats in the pool.  It’s just so, so sad. Here are 15 struggles girls with thin hair go through all the time.

1. Wrapping your ponytail holder a million times over

Your wrist is like, exhausted from twisting and wrapping over and over again.


2. Your sock bun looks like a sad lump

You won’t have any of those giant, full sock buns around here.  Oh no– you’ve gotta fake it to make it.  If you saw the real size of my sock bun you would be shocked.


3. You totally identify with Britney Spears…

Don’t worry, Brit, we feel like we don’t have any hair on our heads either.


4. When you try to make your braid look nice and thick and it’s pathetic

You just don’t have enough hair to make this look good.  It doesn’t matter how long it gets, it will always be thin and flat. 


5. You use volumizing products like crazy

It doesn’t matter how much you use, your hair will fall flat as soon as you leave the bathroom.


6. When your friends complain about their hair feeling heavy and you’re like:

Um, seriously?  I would give ANYTHING to have hair like yours!


7. When girls complain about their hair taking forever to dry

You just can’t even comprehend this.  Yours is dry before you leave the house, whether you blow dry it or not. It’s just wispy and pathetic like that.


8. You can’t even get extensions

The hair stylist explains that it’s because your hair wouldn’t cover them up properly and then everyone would know what a fake you are.


9. You can’t keep your hair curled at all

It doesn’t matter if you use a whole bottle of hairspray on your hair, it will just fall out within minutes.


10. You are nervous to wear your hair up

You don’t want people staring at patches of bald skin on your scalp. 


11. Your head is like a magical grease spot

It doesn’t matter if you just showered this morning, last night or an hour ago, your hair is already starting to sweat and looks greasy by the end of every single day.


12. Dry shampoo is your best friend

Since you’re a grease pot, you’re always reaching for the dry shampoo to fix things up a bit– and that stuff’s expensive!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.48.04 PM

13. Wearing a beanie or pigtails makes you look bald

You don’t even have enough hair for those looks to be cute on you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.47.16 PM

14. Seeing your hair fall out in the shower makes you depressed

You still can’t believe that you aren’t totally bald with all the hair that disappears daily from your head.


15. Sometimes you just want to rip the tresses off of women with long, thick manes of hair

I mean, it’s only fair, right?