All The Struggles Of Going On Vacation With Your Family


Going on vacation is the best thing ever...except when you have to go with your family.  You know you’re going to fight with your siblings and disagree with your parents…but at least it will be in a new place, right?  Here are all the struggles of going on vacation with your family.

1. The inevitable pit stops and someone constantly asking “Are we there yet?”

This will happen more than you’ll want to admit.  It’s ok– be a peace.  This is your vacation.  Get all namaste on them so you don’t accidentally kill anyone later on.


2. Dragging a million unnecessary bags up to the hotel room

Why must you all bring so much crap??


3. Sightseeing with your parents all day long

This can be fun and awkward at the same time, but mostly it’s exhausting.  All you want to do is take a nap at the end of the day but they just want to have a nice long dinner.


4. Stopping to take silly photos in front of stuff

Because that doesn’t make us look like weird tourists or anything…


5. Spending hours dressed as a western saloon patron so you can have a “hilarious” family photo to remember the trip by

Ugh…..if you’ve never been subjected to this– you are very lucky indeed.


6. Sharing a bathroom with your whole family

This means you have no privacy to poo or fart or anything else you like to do in secret.


7. When someone inevitably gets sick on the trip and drags everyone else down

We must be careful– troop morale is alarmingly low.


8. Going to the pool with your parents means wearing a modest swimsuit

Because no self-respecting teen wants to walk around in a teeny bikini with her dad sitting right there.


9. But not knowing what to do when some cute guy hits on you and your dad is like, a few feet away



10. When your parents try to enforce matching outfits so they don’t lost anyone

This really makes you want to kill somebody…and also not be seen in public.


11. When you’re stuck in the backseat with your siblings, who smell, refuse to share, and are most definitely jerks

So much for family bonding time.


12. When your parents start to openly bicker about directions and you’re just sitting there like…

“Please don’t fight…I can’t handle the fighting.”


13. When your parents wake you up at 6 in the morning to see some historic landmark, and you think you might murder them

I have to get up early every day of my life for school…please just let me sleep in.


14. When your family spends 30 minutes waffling between whether or not to get breakfast in the hotel, and you just scream as loudly as you can…

Get me out of here.  I cannot handle this one more moment.  I think I’m going to die.


15. When your parents finally agree to let you venture off without them and your dad’s public farewell is so embarrassing you could die

They are seriously the most embarrassing people on face of the earth. Why….why…why??