All The Struggles Tall Girls Go Through


Being a tall guy is a great thing– people love to ask your height and if you’re an athlete.  Being a tall girl…well, that’s another thing entirely.  It’s so hard being the one who always has to reach for things in the high cupboards or try to shower under a shower head that’s too low.  Here are all the struggles tall girls go through in life.

1. People always asking how tall you are

Yep.  I’m tall.  Glad you just barely noticed.  I know it’s weird having a girl who is tall around.  Should I just get a tattoo that says, “Why yes, I am 6 feet tall.”


2. Guys avoiding you because they don’t want date a tall girl

You hate those conversations online when you ask a guy how tall he is and he replies “5 feet _____.”  You’re like, uh oh.  We’re never actually going to go on a date now.


3. Trying to feel feminine when you’re not dainty and petite

I’ve got 99 problems…but being small isn’t one of them.


4. Trying to find jeans that are actually long enough for your legs

I’ll never find jeans that are cute in the back and long enough on the legs.  It will never happen.  I’ve just accepted it.


5. People asking you if you play volleyball or basketball all the time

Just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I’m coordinated or play sports.  So, go away.


6. Trying to find a dress that doesn’t end up looking like a mini-skirt on you

Long torso and long legs make it so that dresses don’t quite hit at the place you’d like them to.  And a maxi dress for tall girls?  Almost impossible to find.


7. Trying to look at yourself in a mirror

Mirrors are almost always placed too low and you can’t see everything at once.


8. Being judged for wearing heels

I just want to wear a cute pair of heels and not have people staring at me like I’m some kind of amazon woman!


9. Trying to fit into airplane seats, small cars and desks

Oh, the joys of having legs for dayzzz…it’s really not that joyful.


10. Getting your head cut off in photos

I mean, when you are towering over everyone else, you can’t blame them for cropping the photo that way.


11. Trying to take a relaxing bath

Good luck taking a bath in a normal-sized tub when you are twice the size of the tub.


12. Low ceilings

Aint nobody want to be hitting their head on the ceiling.


13. The awkward knee bend you have to do to fit nicely into photos

You try to make it look all cute and natural but everybody knows what you’re doing.


14. Giving people a full face of your chest when you hug

This is why I don’t give hugs.  Nobody wants my boobs all up in their face.


15. People asking you to grab things for them all the time.

I’m not your ladder…why don’t you go get one and reach for it yourself.