All The Stuff That Will Inevitably Get Ruined By Your Kids


If you have children, beware.  They will ruin your things.  They will ruin your life. You can try to prepare.  You can hide all your nice things.  But, it doesn’t matter.  They will seek and destroy.  That is what your kids will do.  Get ready– here’s all the stuff that will inevitably get ruined by your kids.

1. Packing peanuts from hell

This one really isn’t so bad.  Sure, you’ll be finding packing peanuts around your house for the next six months but at least your kids look sweet and innocent in this photo, right?


2. Oh, my goodness, no

Oh no they didn’t turns into oh yes they did.  You’re praying, just praying that it’s washable Crayola marker.  Do you really think you’d get that lucky?  It’s all permanent marker, baby.


3. Save the flour!

If you thought you were going to be doing some baking this weekend, think again.  Now that the flour is literally all over your living room (with your little one dumping the last of it on his head) you probably won’t be making (or buying) anything with flour in it for a while.


4. He just wanted to turn into the Hulk

We are unsure as to how this toddler got ahold of green paint (we don’t really know how toddlers do any of the naughty things that they do) but once he got it, he really went to town, didn’t he.  Time to call a babysitter so you can go take a walk.

Things ruined by kids

5. Once upon a laptop

Yes, what was once a laptop is now just a pile of broken pieces.  Bye-bye files.  See ya later documents.


6. More paint from hell

This is one scene you just don’t want to walk into.  These kids are covered in paint…and so is the rest of your living room.  Gasp.


7. Who spilled the dog food?

Since both girls are sporting a guilty look, we’re going to assume this was a team effort.  At least dog food isn’t permanent, right?


8. Your tapes will never play again

Luckily, most of us don’t even have tapes or tape players lying around the house anymore.  But, can you imagine the damage kids could do with all that tape to pull?  Ugh, I just shudder at the thought.


9. Who needs stuffing in the couch cushions?

It’s way more fun to play with stuffing when it’s on the outside of the couch cushions!  These two have literally no idea that they are in trouble.


10. Marker on the walls

Sigh…well, it was bound to happen at some point, right?


11. Baby powder is a dangerous substance

It is so easy to spread baby powder all over the place.  One open bottle can be a weapon of mass destruction when wielded in the hands of a toddler.


12. He was just trying to help…

This little guy thought he’d make things easier for mom by cracking the eggs open into the carton.  That way, she doesn’t have to worry about those pesky egg shells anymore–how helpful!


13. Ah, the classic ‘phone in the toilet’

This will happen to all you parents out there at least once in your lifetime.  Something about naughty toddlers and dropping things in the toilet will seem so fun to them.


14. While we’re at it, why not throw all mom’s magazines in the toilet too

I mean, toilet paper goes down there, so why not magazines?  It’s all paper, right?


15. Permanent marker on the couch

There should be a law prohibiting toddlers from ever possessing permanent markers.


16. A good use for mom’s lipstick

You know that $25 tube of lipstick you just bought from the MAC counter.  Well, here’s what your kids did with it.


17. Butter on the lamp shade

I mean, what else is butter good for, if not to be wiped all over the lamp?


18. Tampons down the potty

This smart kid even figured out a way to open the wrapper and really waste a whole box of tampons.


19. What is that white stuff?

We have no clue what the white substance in the photo is (salt, flour, rice??) but it’s everywhere and we feel bad for the parent who’s going to spend all the day cleaning it up.


20. Just close your eyes and pretend it didn’t happen

This is not the best sight to find when you go to get your kid out of the crib from their nap. Yikes.  Good luck with that!