All The Stuff That Will Inevitably Get Ruined By Your Kids


If you have children, beware.  They will ruin your things.  They will ruin your life. You can try to prepare.  You can hide all your nice things.  But, it doesn’t matter.  They will seek and destroy.  That is what your kids will do.  Get ready– here’s all the stuff that will inevitably get ruined by your kids.

1. Packing peanuts from hell

This one really isn’t so bad.  Sure, you’ll be finding packing peanuts around your house for the next six months but at least your kids look sweet and innocent in this photo, right?


2. Oh, my goodness, no

Oh no they didn’t turns into oh yes they did.  You’re praying, just praying that it’s washable Crayola marker.  Do you really think you’d get that lucky?  It’s all permanent marker, baby.