Stupid People Who Don’t Know How To Park Their Cars Properly


After we showed you guys the hilarious article proving that there’s a lot of people out there who shouldn’t be allowed to have a driving licence, the time has now come to check out some more hilariously tragic pictures of bad parking situations. Why is it so difficult for some people to just park their cars correctly? Perhaps we may never have the answer to this mystery, so for the time being, let’s laugh at them, instead! Here is a special selection of people who don’t know how to park their cars. Enjoy!

#1 Sh*t Parking Award

Yep, guys – as you can see below, some people go way beyond the limit just to prove to someone that they fail at parking their car. In this particular case, someone decided to award the owner of this car with a ‘Shit Parking Award’. Creative stuff…


#2 Parking Spot Just For You

This is a big and very frequent mistake nowadays. For whatever reason, some people just cannot seem to look at the ground they’re driving on and park their cars correctly within the yellow lines. Is this just pure laziness, or a mental disease?!


#3 Congratulations!

Here’s another car that’s been honoured with the ‘Shit Parking Award’, only this time, the people involved felt way more enthusiastic, and clearly were in the mood to celebrate. Well done, you!


#4 No Escape

These mischievous fellas decided to give another kind of homage to a stupid human being who cannot park his car correctly. And now… how to escape his own stupidity? Good luck, dude. You’re certainly gonna need it.


#5 Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This guy, who decided to park his car like a complete idiot and block the water hydrants on the sidewalk, had a really bad time on this particular day. Because of his utter idiocy, the firemen had to break his windows in order to use the hose. D’oh!


#6 WTF?!

Does anybody actually have a reasonable explanation as to why this crazy human being decided to park his or her car like this? Clearly, some people see no limits when it comes to being totally stupid.


#7 Far Away

Here’s what happens when you’re in a rush to do something and you don’t want to waste time parking your car correctly. Some people simply don’t care!


#8 Little Problem

Thank God this intelligent human being doesn’t own a truck, otherwise, the damage would be one hundred times worse than this. Okay, dude, we know you’ve got a small car, but even so, it’s not a bike!


#9 Bad Decision

This guy in the red car was trying to park his car, when some highly intelligent person came along and decided to steal his spot. The result of the bad decision is this…


#10 OMG.

Take our advice, guys: when you see someone doing something really stupid and idiotic, don’t be a sheep and do the same thing. That’s what the guy in the yellow car below did…


#11 How?!

How could this stupid fella park his car without realizing that he’s blocking the entrance or exit?! Pictures like this one make us seriously question what is happening to the world these days.


#12 Oh Dear…

As we can see below, the world is deteriorating so much that people have lost all common sense and forgotten basic parking rules. *slaps forehead in hopelessness*


#13 Mentally Disabled

Perhaps this guy wasn’t completely wrong to park his car there, since it’s pretty obvious that he has some kind of mental disability that stops him from thinking like a normal person.


#14 I’m Not Like The Others

Some people were born thinking that they are not like the others, that they are different, rare, and to be honest, they are right. Dude, you’re not like the others… you’re so much dumber than all of them combined!


#15 Princess Parking

We don’t know why, but some people like to think that anywhere can be a good place to park their cars.


#16 Hard Day

There’s an Irish proverb that says: “There’s nothing so bad that it couldn’t be worse” and this is actually very true. This guy below was probably in a crazy rush, and parked like this as a result of his frenzy. Now, his situation is even worse, because he has to wait all day in the hot sun for someone to come and take the clamps off. Muahahaha!


#17 Stupid Partners

Here’s a perfect example showing what happens when two stupid human beings get together and share the same space, or in this case, the same parking spot.


#18 Noooooo!

We can’t help but wonder, what makes these stupid people act like this?! Sometimes, it seems like a chain reaction of utter stupidity. Now, to finish this article, let us pray for these poor souls…