Stupidly Dangerous Toys From The 90’s


It’s hard work being a parent–I don’t think our parents were trying to harm us– in fact, they just wanted us to go outside and play quietly.  But some of these awesome toys are actually kind of hazardous, now that we’re taking a second look in our adult stage of life.  Would we let our kids play with these toys?  Let’s just take a look back and be grateful we didn’t end up maimed by any of these unintentionally dangerous toys. You would also be surprised by just how much these toys cost nowadays.


1. Huge trampolines

These were a huge hit for houses all across the nation in the 90’s.  All the cool kids had a tramp in their yard.  Their parents also hoped to heaven that no kid would fall off and break something, resulting in a lawsuit.  Trampolines managed to keep individual children or big groups entertained for hours.  But the dangers are inherent, especially for tramps without protective barriers.