Summer Style Tips That Every Girl Should Know


It’s summer and your wardrobe has shifted to all things cool and casual.  To look your best this hot season, here are summer style tips that every girl should know.

1. Footwear

Keep your shoes flat and sturdy (no flip-flops) if you want to keep froms lipping out of them. Also, make sure they’re broken in before you start wearing them during hot days– you don’t want blisters!


2. Not too tight

The cardinal rule to hot-weather dressing is that bigger is actually better. Even though Bermuda shorts and button-downs aren’t as short as shorts and a skimpy tank, the extra room will allow air to circulate so much better.


3. Put a hat on it

Though a hat might seem like it’ll suffocate your head, protecting your scalp from UV rays will really keep you cooler.


4. Patterns for days

Sweat stains: They’re gross and inevitable. Patterns camouflage perspiration a whole lot better than solid colors do.


5. Layers aren’t all bad

Though it might seem counterintuitive, double-layering in the summertime is actually key. A single piece will stick to your body, and you’ll find yourself constantly fixing and fanning things to stay cool.


6. Get some air

Natural fibers are way more breathable than anything synthetic. But, since they’re also way less stretchy, make sure you’re, again, going for something bigger in size.


7. Work those darks

You probably learned in school that darker colors retain more heat, but there’s not much difference between a black T-shirt dress and a white one, except when it comes to hiding sweat. Opt for darker colors in breathable fabrics if you know you’re going to be partying.


8. Cool down bags

When it comes to bags, you want to make sure to choose one that doesn’t touch your skin. A crossbody with a thin strap will be key to carry than a shoulder bag that sticks to your armpits.


9. Dress it up

Embrace the slip dress this summer as your go-to for going out. It’s sexy but not clingy — perfect for hot nights.


10. No tucking

If you don’t have to, don’t tuck things in. The answer lies in clothing that’s cut right where it’s supposed to stop. Slightly cropped tops can catch the errant breeze, but you won’t feel like a mess.


11. Get a little sporty

Sport sandals that strap onto your feet are incredibly trendy at the moment, so take advantage of their ubiquity. These Tevas are lightweight, sweat-wicking, and you won’t accidentally slip out of them.


12. Put that suit to good use

And, when it’s really hot? Swim tops are made to keep you cool, and many versions out today look like bustiers or cropped tanks. Of course, this isn’t a work-appropriate pairing, but it can be cute for casual date nights in the city or hanging out.


13. Loose fitting pants are heavenly

Harem, slouchy, loose pants: No matter what you call them, loose-fitting pants are the pair to have for the warm months ahead. The fashion-forward look works for a night out (dress them up with heels) or a day around town (flats and a jean jacket tank or a soft jacket).


14. Work it at work

Take a dramatic approach to outerwear with an all-white blazer. Whether you prefer a structured variation or a looser cut, this time-honored staple is a summer winner.


15. Stripes

Fall in line with all things nautical for the season ahead. A good way to navigate this trend is by starting with a striped shirt.  Mix and match the old-school pattern with other seaworthy candidates and you’ll be rocking a look that’s haute.