Super Efficient Products You Wished You Had Right Now


Going through this list of super efficient products will make you wonder why you don’t have them in your life right now!

#1 This jar opener

If you have trouble opening jars, use this jar opener.  First, press the button and pull the holder out.  Next, put it on top of a jar and just adjust.  Lastly, turn and voila!  Open!  Simple and fast!

This jar opener

#2 This rotation potato masher

Instead of mashing potatoes, let the rotation of this potato masher do it for you!  The result?  Perfectly smooth mashed potatoes!

This rotation potato masher

#3 This smart water bottle

How cool is this?  The sensor stick inside the water bottle tracks your water intake through the whole day.  It also sends information to the Hidrate app on your phone and glows when it’s time for you to drink more water!

This smart water bottle

#4 This self watering plant system

This self watering plant system copies the natural wet and dry cycle of groundwater that is backed up by a reservoir.  Just make sure that the reservoir is filled up.  The container can store water up to 3 months or 3 plants in a month.  Perfect for those who aren’t exactly nurturing.

This self watering plant system

#5 This easy stacking tool

Keep those shirts folded and those papers organized with this easy stacking tool!  A must to be included in these simple ways to organize your home.

This easy stacking tool

#6 This smart helmet

With this smart helmet, you’re sure to be safe on the road!  This is a rechargeable helmet with an accelerometer that shows when you’re going to stop and it will shine a super bright light when you press the brakes.  It also has a handlebar remote that turns on the signal lights on the rear so those who are following you will know where you’re going.

This smart helmet

#7 This compact but expandable booster seat

Easily transport booster seats sans the bulk.  This can even fit inside a backpack!

This compact but expandable booster seat

#8 This cable containment

Don’t get stressed over messy cables everywhere with this cable container with built-in sockets.

This cable containment

#9 This hotdog slicer/container

So this not only slices hotdogs, but it can contain the hotdogs inside a dog!  There’s also a container for ketchup!

This hotdog slicer container

#10 This dip clip

Have your chips and dip it too with this dip clip!  Don’t let a single drop of that ranch go to waste!

This dip clip

#11 This sink on the toilet’s cistern

Not only does this save on space, but also on water!

This sink on the toilet's cistern

#12 This washable keyboard

No longer fret over crumbs of food and dust on your keyboard with this washable keyboard!

This washable keyboard

#13 This cutting board that holds wine

So efficient and handy, you’ll be surprised with how affordable this is too!

This cutting board that holds wine

#14 This easy draining lid

This easy draining lid on top of any pot or pan can make you avoid any unnecessary spillage.

This easy draining lid

#15 This ice tray/dispenser

Cut down the times you have to hit the ice tray on the table to get them out.  This ice tray slash dispenser is simply everything!

This ice tray-dispenser