Super Flemish: Superheroes and Villains as 16th Century Paintings


Sacha Goldberger merges fantasy with historical art in his imaginative series called, “Super Flemish”, where the French artist mashes your favorite superheroes and villains with 17th century Flemish art. By using techniques employed by contemporary painters of the old Flemish school like counterpointing light and shadow to illustrate nobility and fragility, Golberger is able to give these “cloaked in anonymity” characters an opportunity to claim their denied narcissism.

This awesome portrait series allows us to see how Superman would’ve looked like if he was born in the sixteenth century, or what if the Hulk was a Flemish Duke. The low-lighting, 16th century attire also reveal the humanity of these superheroes, who seem to be tired of saving the world, lost in melancholic reverie of their own invulnerability.

1. Alice


2. Batman


3. Boba Fett

Bobba Fett