Surprising Items That Expire And Need To Be Thrown Out


Did you know there are probably items around your house that have expired could potentially be dangerous for you and your family?  It’s true– and you need to get these things thrown out now!  Here are 15 surprising items that expire and need to be thrown out.

1. Spices

Dried spices often last for two to three years, but it depends on the kind, how they were dried, and how they are stored.expire15

2. Car seats

Because they are made from materials that expand and contract with age and temperature, and the car itself changes temperature so frequently, most car seats expire six to 10 years after their manufacture date, which should be stamped somewhere on the bottom or side. Previous damage or car crashes can also affect the safety of the seat, which is why it isn’t a great idea to buy a used model. (For more info on buying or selling a seat, go here.)