What The Tabloids Would Look Like If The Avengers Were Real


Have you ever wondered what the tabloids would look like if the Avengers were real? I bet we wouldn’t be fretting about Kim Kardashian’s latest pictorial or the latest antic of the unpredictable woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Nope, the every gossip magazine would be buzzing about what Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are up to or who’s currently involved with the sexy Black Widow.

MediAvengers: Earth’s Mightiest Gossip is a tumblr dedicated to creating headlines and gossip magazines featuring The Avengers. This awesome tumblr gives us a glimpse of just how the media would handle Earth’s mightiest heroes. Check it out.

1. Black Widow’s admirers.


2. Captain America on the cover of Time.


3. Hulk helps cure cancer.