Test Yourself! Do You Know The Definition Of Any Of The Least Used Words In The English Language?


Of course you know what the most used words in the English language are– you use those everyday.  Here are the top ten: the, of, to, an, a, in, is, it, you…and you get the picture.  But–what about the least used words?  Do they get any love too?  Here are 20 of the least used words in the English language– see if you’ve ever heard them before. Test yourself! Do you know the definition of any of the least used words in the English language?

1. Quizzaciously

“Quizzaciously” is an English word that means “in a mocking manner.”  The word was once one of the rarest in the world (which is known as a hapax legomenon- when a word only appears once in a body of text…or in this case, a Google search) until a notable Youtuber, Vsauce mentioned it in one of his videos.  The word is now trending online.  So, you could say, “She told him quizzaciously that not to make that word so dang popular.”



2. Didapper

This word refers to duck-like creatures– the dictionary says: Any of various small grebes of the genera Poliocephalus and Tachybaptus.