The 13 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Ever


Even celebrities have their moments to wear scary and shocking costumes that really start their Halloween night off with a bang. Here’s a selection of the best celebrity costumes you’ve ever seen.



#1 Anne Hathaway As Cleopatra

Anne Hathaway looked amazing in this beautiful Cleopatra costume. Her face resembles that of the old Egyptian queen very well.


#2 Jamie Lee Curtis As The Little Red Riding Hood

Jamie looks beautiful dressed up like The Little Red Riding Hood. This costume suits her very well!


#3 Demi Lovato As A Zombie Chick

This is scary! Demi is unrecognizable in this creepy zombie costume.


#4 Kate Moss As Morticia Addams

Here’s the infamous British model Kate Moss wearing a scary costume based on Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.


#7 Kim Kardashian As Green Ivy

Kim looks incredibly beautiful in this costume based on the Green Ivy.


#8 Katy Perry As Vampire Queen

Katy looks stunning as this scary Vampire Queen. The red eyes are amazing, and complete the costume perfectly.


 #9 Heidi Klum As An Old Lady

Heidi Klum is considered the celebrity master of the Halloween Costumes; there’s lots of weird and wonderful Halloween costumes that she’s opted for as the years have gone by. Here’s an amazing & realistic costume of Heidi as an old lady.


 #10 Heidi Klum As A Monkey

Another proof that Heidi is the master of celebrity Halloween costumes. Here she is again, dressed up as a realistic monkey.


#11 Hilary Duff As Sugar Skull

Hilary Duff looked glamorous when she dressed up as Sugar Skull.


#12 Gwen Stefani As Cinderella

Gwen as Cinderella is simply perfect! The blue dress is beautiful, and suits her so well.


#13 Paris Hilton As Madonna

Paris Hilton wearing a Madonna costume is just like two controversial characters in one. Beautiful costume!