The 17 Most Strange And Bizarre Creatures That Exist On Earth


We all love animals, right? Well, us guys here at BoredBug do, anyway. They’re adorable, lovely, beautiful, and amazing. Some are on the wild side, and some just want cuddles, but perhaps you aren’t aware of all the strange animals that exist around the world. Hidden away are many odd-looking creatures that tend to shock us humans when we see them. Here’s a selection of the 17 most bizarre creatures that ever walked the Earth. Get ready to be surprised!

#1 Tarsiers

Tarsiers are small primates that have very large eyes (16mm in diameter) in relation to their size which is only around 15cm. Their large eyes are used to see in the dark, when he is most active. They got their name “tarsier” because they have a long tarsus in their feet, which results in their toes being extremely long and thin.