The 18 Most Amazing And Creative Hotels Around The World


When we are planning a trip, we can’t forget choosing a very comfortable place to sleep at night. A good hotel offers not only comfort, but also top-quality services, beautiful decoration, and awesome memories. So, thinking about these important characteristics, we selected 18 hotels around the world that really seem to take this seriously. Some of them are pretty creative and unique, whereas others are famous for their unusual architecture. Here’s a selection of the 18 most amazing and creative hotels all around the world. Book your flight and pack your suitcase, because you won’t want to miss one of these. Enjoy reading!

#1 Airplane Suite, Netherlands

The Airplane Suite is located in Teuge Airport in the Netherlands. It is an Ilyushin 18 which was built in 1960, and the entire aircraft was converted into a single luxury suite for two people. It has a sauna, TVs, blu-ray DVD player, wireless internet, air conditioning, and everything else to give you a very pleasant night in this amazing atmosphere. The aircraft can also be rented as a meeting place, and is able to accommodate up to 15 people. If you want to have this unique experience, you just need to pay £300 per night, which is about $450.

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