The 20 Richest Football Players And The Women Behind Them


The world’s most popular sport football soccer is much more serious than ever. There are more than 3.5 billion football fans worldwide. For many of them, football is not just a game, it is a religion. Top professional football players are earning more than other pro-athletes. The wealthiest soccer players are all playing in Europe. Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France are ranked as being the greatest league on Earth. All of them are competitive enough that they consistently capture the best talent. Premier League footballers earn an average of £2.3 million a year each, making it the best paying league in the world.

Here are the 20 richest football players and the women behind each of them.

John Terry – Net Worth: €56 Million ($61 million)



English professional football player John Terry’s contribution to the English national team and Chelsea has been immense. He is the captain of Chelsea. He was the captain of the English national team between August 2006 and February 2010.