The Craziest Body Parts Insured By Celebrities


We know that celebrities live in a different stratosphere than us since everything they do is an exaggeration of our normal, humdrum lives. Their houses are larger, their bank accounts bigger, their insurance policies cover the usual prized possessions such as homes, jewelry, cars, body parts. You did not read that incorrectly, celebrities are known to carry huge insurance policies on their most coveted body parts. Keep reading to find who has exactly what insured.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most recent celebrities to jump on the crazy body insurance policy bandwagon. It’s reported the singer’s gams are insured for a cool $40 million dollars.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a talented triple threat who is most famous for her best asset, her butt. She’s taken out a $300 million insurance policy to protect her derriere. The insurance policy covers against scratches, cellulite and any injuries the actress might sustain to her gluteal muscles while dancing.