The Most Bad-ass Supervillains of All Time


We’ve written lists about superheroes but we don’t have anything about supervillains, and I wonder why? Since an amazing villain is the thing that sets apart a great comic book from all the rest. What use is a hero without his villain right? They cause chaos and destruction, plan crazy schemes and just plain blow things up. So here’s a list of the 15 most bad-ass villains in comic book history.

15.) Apocalypse

Let’s start this list of with the very first and reputedly the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe. Apocalypse scored a very impressive 39 out of 42 on Marvel’s official power-grid. He has a variety of awesome powers such as control of his body in an atomic level, and one of the most powerful energy projections in the Marvel Universe. He can also take what he dishes out, with his equally impressive energy absorption. He has a whole lot of alien tech that greatly enhance his fighting potential.15

14.) Galactus

Not many dudes can boast that they eat whole planets for breakfast. Galactus is the sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. He has displayed power rivaling gods, from molecule manipulation on a cosmic level, conversion from matter to energy projections, impenetrable force fields and teleportation over vast distances (I’m talking about crossing galaxies.) He’s also able to scan the thought of any being, and his intelligence, endurance and stamina literally cannot be measured.14

13.) Bane

Even the most casual Batman fan knows the name Bane due to the success of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Bane is a genius tactician and world-class hand to hand combatant that can go toe to toe with Batman and other martial arts masters of the DC Universe. He has great physical strength, but his not contented with just that. His already great physical strength is multiplied a dozen times over by the “Venom” formula. He’s determined to prove to everyone how much of a bad-ass he is by destroying Batman, and he has broken the Caped Crusaders back during the Knightfall arc.


12.) Thanos

Thanos is known as the Mad Titan for a good reason. He’s wiped out entire galaxies, erased half of all life in the universe, and has fought practically all of the Marvel Universe’s heroes, all to impress Lady Death. He aims to conquer the entire galaxy using the Cosmic Cube and the ridiculously powerful Infinity Gauntlet.12

11.) Doomsday

Everyone knows that Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in all of existence. So do you know who or what killed him? *Ding ding ding* that’s right; it was Doomsday, and he was the only one able to do so. He’s a rampaging, mindless, mass murdering monster, who initially bashed his way out of a metallic holding cell underground and dug his way up and began killing and destroying anything and everything he saw. That includes easily defeating the Justice League until finally confronting Superman.11

10.) Dr. Doom

Victor Von Doom was born and raised in the small (and fictional) European country of Latveria. He lost his parents when he was young and that triggered his villainous life. He began to study the scientific and mystical arts, and he then received a full scholarship in the prestigious Empire State University where he met Reed Richards and Ben Grimm (Mr. Fantastic and The Thing.) Victor was expelled from school because he caused an explosion that left him scarred for life. He then went to travel the world where he met a group of Monks that trained him and forged his iconic suit of armor. He then went back to Latveria and overthrew the government, crowning himself king.10

9.) Two Face

Most of Batman’s villains don’t have any superpower, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Two Face was the former District Attorney of Gotham city and was known as the “White Knight of Gotham” before half of his face got horribly scared due to an acid attack. This caused him to snap and since then he has decided all his decisions based on a flip of a coin. He was one of the greatest failures of the Dark Knights that still heavily on his shoulders. Harvey Dent represented everything that was good about Gotham, he was its soul and the hope for it to change, but Batman was unable to protect him and rescue him from the darkness that took his mind. And do you know the craziest thing about him? Who ruins to perfectly good suits for his outfit?9

8.) Loki

Loki is the God of Mischief, and some of you might think that’s a dumb thing to be a God of, but do not be fooled. Loki is a master of trickery and manipulation, and despite his lack of brute strength like other comic book characters, he finds ways to get what he wants. So is not on the side of good nor evil, he just does what he does for his own personal gain, so that makes him on bad terms with his fellow villains, since he secretly manipulated everything to his advantage.


7.) Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix force is a destructive force that corrupted and consumed one of the most beloved mutants, Jean Grey as its host turning her into the Dark Phoenix. And to put things into perspective for you guys on how strong this Phoenix Force really is, it was able to eat a star, killing billions of lives in the process.7

6.) Ra’s Al-Ghul

Ra’s is a big Darwinian since he wants to achieve a perfect, balanced and peaceful world (well his idea of one) through the means of killing most of the human population on earth leaving the strongest and most worthy to survive. He’s the leader of a group of assassins called the League of Shadows. His daughter Talia has a son with Batman who is named Damian Wayne. He’s such a bad-ass that even Batman is scared of him, since every guy is scared of his girlfriend’s dad, right?6

5.) Magneto

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, with the ability to generate and control magnetism. All of his actions are driven by the purpose of protecting the mutant race from human oppression, since he knows humankind’s hatred to anything that’s different because he was a Jewish Holocaust survivor. He is a leader that has engaged in acts of terrorism for his supposed good of all mutant kind.5

4.) Venom

Venom was created when Spiderman rejected the alien symbiote and attached it to Eddie Brock. We all know the saying “With great power comes great responsibility” right? Well that’s what makes Venom a great villain. He’s the result of Spiderman’s failure, when he let the power of the symbiote to control him and allowed himself to lose control. So in a sense, he was the responsible for the creation of Venom and later Carnage.4

3.) Carnage

Carnage is the offspring of the Venom symbiote that fused with a psychotic serial killer. A serial killer with all that power and bloodlust, can you imagine all the death and destruction that would bring? Well just so you have a clue, Carnage was so dangerous and evil, that Spiderman and Venom (who are mortal enemies) had to team up to take him down.3

2.) Lex Luthor

Who would ever expect that a bald rich guy would be one of the most dangerous villains around? Well Lex is one of the most intelligent men (some argue that he is) on the planet, a brilliant scientist, a billionaire with what seems like never-ending oodles of money, which makes him the Man of Steel’s greatest enemy. He is a controversial public figure, who once served as the President of the United States. He has tried a bunch of techniques to defeat Superman, from kryptonite, to creating various evil devices and creating Bizarro and Metallo and even used an orange lantern ring of avarice.2

1.) Joker

Who else would be the most bad-ass comic book villain than the Joker? He has no interest other than inciting pure chaos and the Batman. The Clown Prince of Crime has been portrayed differently over the years, from a goofy trickster to a violent psychopath. The Joker’s goal we’re to drive people insane, mass genocide and he was even able to wipe Metropolis off the face of the earth and killing Lois (and their unborn child) causing Superman to become a Dictator and rule the world.1