The 18 Most Hilarious Quick Fixes Created By University Students


Your life changes drastically when you reach 18 years old – cars, parties, new friends, new job, and a crazy first year at University. Suddenly, you’re sharing a house with a bunch of strangers your age whom you only have two things in common with: your love of alcohol and the complete inability to live by yourself. Sometimes, it’s hard to juggle a social life, work and studying, so most students don’t have enough money to go out and buy the things they need for their home. That’s exactly why they come up with genius quick fix solutions, which we’re about to show you now. Here’s an awesome selection of the most hilarious quick fixes created by university students. Enjoy!

#1 The Easy Toaster

Some technological student with no time to work because he’s always studying, and therefore no money, too, invented this revolutionary toaster to make his mornings a little easier. What do you guys think? We bet it’ll save you a lot of time and a lot of dollar, too.