The Most Successful Videogame Franchises


Ever since I was a kid I always loved video games, and growing up there were a lot of games then that I would still play right now. From awing story-lines to an array of superheroes, It proves that graphics aren’t the only thing important in a game. Well sure, a beautifully stunning game is nice to look at, but story and game-play trumps graphics every time. So here are 15 of the best video game franchises that were great then, but still keeps on par with their current competition up until today.

1.) Metroid

Metroid Prime was my favorite of the Metroid series, but nothing beats the shock when I discovered that Samus was a girl (that was pretty unusual back then. Please don’t get mad at me, feminists.)



2.) Sports games

Sports games where there in the beginning of it all, and has been around since. A lot of sports enthusiasts love playing the games, so you could feel how to dunk, skate, tackle, etc. With today’s graphics there are now pretty awesome sports games, but in the past a pixelated little guy dunking was loads of fun.


3.) Pacman

Pacman has only one goal; to eat until you die. It was one of the most popular arcade games that has gained various sequels. Pacman might have very simplistic goals, but trust me it was really challenging. It just kept getting harder until you died, unlike modern games were you can just reload a game.


4.) Mega Man

Mega Man was here since the days of the NES and has become a videogame staple since then, with new additions to the franchise ever since. The blue colored robot that has a pellet launcher for an arm. And when he beats a boss he gets the boss’ power, like saw blades, fire, spikes and a lot more. Hours of fun!


5.) Sonic the Hedgehog

With Mario gaining popularity, Sega had to think of their own franchise that would stand up to the little mustached plumber, and the answer? A blue-spiky critter with super speed that collects rings. At first Sonic was very similar to Mario, but he grew out of it in future installments.


6.) Castlevania

The game were you play as a vampire hunter going into a vampire’s castle to save your love. At the time this game was really scary, along with it’s awesome soundtrack. So now, several sequels later, the vampire hype is still going strong (no help from that sparkly vampire guy.)


7.) Doom

Doom was a huge milestone for the videogame world. You used an assortment of awesome and ridiculous weapons to fight hordes of monsters and aliens. This game defined first-person shooter genre, so CoD fans, you have Doom to thank.


8.) Star Wars

With the success of the original Star Wars Saga, spawned the Star Wars games which was a huge success. Over the years they had made a lot of great games and my personal favorite is Lego Star Wars.


9.) Mortal Kombat

In today’s videogames, blood and gore is no surprise and people are used to it by now. But back in the day, it wasn’t. Mortal Kombat gave you the fun experience of wrenching out a guy’s spine, decapitate his head or burn him to a crisp (well it was a brutal kind of fun.) The Mortal Kombat franchise produced hit after hit, some cool movies, and that super catchy theme song.


10.) Halo

An intergalactic soldier fight hordes of aliens. This game has a huge fan base, and has tons of people lining up for its releases. Well it does live up to the hype, and it has a cool multiplayer setting.


11.) Resident Evil

In the past, who would have thought that you could combine a scary zombie game with a first person shooter?Let’s just say Resident evil nailed it. I’m personally a fan of the franchise and played every game, but my favourite? Resident Evil 4.


12.) Super Mario

“It’s a me, Mario!” The iconic short Italian plumber is known worldwide and has some awesome games under his belt, but he has some humble beginnings as just a climber leaping over barrels in Donkey Kong. The Mario franchise is extremely successful to the point that even their other characters have games of their own.


13.) The Legend of Zelda

So just to clear things up, the guy is named Link not Zelda. This game is so popular then and still popular now. The original was great and it had awesome sequels that are gaming classics that every gamer should play. My personal favourite was, hands down, Ocarina of Time.


14.) Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy made me love the RPG genre, and for me it really defined it. FF was an awesome game that let you control a group of adventurers that had this amazing story and stellar music.


15.) The Elder Scrolls

With the release of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, it has amassed new fans to the franchise. But even before the fifth installment, the Elder Scrolls series already have a a huge fan base with its awesome titles such as Morrowind and Oblivion that gave players countless hours of pure gaming bliss.