The Real People Behind TV’s Most Memorable Commercial Faces


Don’t deny it. You know you have always wondered who are the people behind some of the most memorable and loved TV commercial characters. As annoying as commercials can be, there are some that have held the interest of the American public for longer than usual. We have round up our favorite cast of commercial characters to answer the burning question, ” Who Are They?!”

Allstate Insurance’s Mayhem

You know him as Mayhem, the accident inducing character from the Allstate Insurance commercials.


Real Name – Dean Winters

Dean Winters is a seasoned actor that you may recognize from his roles as Dennis Duffy on “30 Rock,” or Olivia Benson’s love interest  “Law & Order: SVU,”


The Most Interesting Man in the World

The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis campaign is famous for his humorous and daring adventures.


Real Name – Jonathan Goldsmith

Jonathan Goldsmith is an actor with over 350 television appearances under his belt.


The Ocean Spray Cranberry Farmers

We are all familiar with the experienced cranberry farmer and his youthful sidekick. As much as we wanted to believe that these two were real cranberry farmers, sadly they are not.


Real Name – Henry Strozier and Justin Hagin

Henry Strozier  and Justin Hagan, 38 are just actors playing cranberry farmers. Although, the ads are really shot in a working cranberry bog in Carver, Massachusetts.

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Lily The AT&T Salesgirl

Sweet and patient Lily. Don’t we wish all smartphone salespeople were like this with their cheerful smiles and witty comebacks.


Real Name – Milana Vayntrub

Milana is actually a working actress who has some comedic chops as she was a member of the comedic troupe The Upright Citizens Brigade.


The Verizon Guy

Can you hear me now? The famous lines uttered by one of the most recognizable faces in TV commercial history.


Real Name – Paul Marcarelli

Paul actually works behind the cameras now, co-writing the 2011 independent film The Green and starting a production company

The Pine Sol Lady

The spokeswoman for Pine Sol for over 20 years, her face is permanently associated with that golden and green bottle of Pine Sol. It’s reported she makes $2.5 million dollars a year working with Pine Sol,


Real Name – Diane Amos

Diane is quite the successful actress. She lives in San Francisco and has appeared in movies such as  Blue Jasmine, Copycat and Sweet November.


Flo From Progressive Insurance

Who can forget the friendly face of Flo the official Progressive Girl. With her gleaming white dress and fierce red lipstick, Flo is one of the most popular commercial characters on TV now.


Real Name – Stephanie Courtney

Stephanie lives in Los Angeles and joined the training program for the LA improvisational group The Groundlings. She has also appeared in feature films such as, Blades of Glory and The Heartbreak Kid.



The Free Credit Report Guy

These commercials featuring a down on his luck character singing catchy jingles about free credit reports probably was stuck in your head at least once if ever watched TV at all in 2007.


Real Name -Eric Violette

Eric Violette is a real musician born in Montreal. Due to his French-Canadian accent his voice was dubbed for the American commercials.


The Orbit Gum Girl

The very cute girl in the Orbit Gum commercial known widely for her catch phrase, “Fabulous”!


Real Name -Vanessa Branch

Vanessa is an English born American actress and beauty queen. She is famous for playing Tortugan wench, Giselle in Pirates of The Caribbean opposite Johnny Depp.


The Wendy’s Girl

We’ve seen this quick-witted redhead chowing down on square patty burgers and chicken sandwiches on Wendy’s commercials, but is she the real Wendy all grown up? The answer, sadly is no.


Real Name -Morgan Smith Goodwin

Famous for her red hair in the commercials, Smith Goodwin is actually a natural blonde. Her role as “red” in the Wendy’s commercials was her first big commercial debut.

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