The Scary Difference Between Smoking and Non-Smoking Identical Twins


The Department of Plastic Surgery of Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, USA,  has made it very clear how tobacco influences and accelerates changes in people’s bodies. They focus on many series of twins, with the proviso that one has smoked longer than the other.

Side by side, with the camera focused on their faces, we can see the differences of time and lifestyle between the twins. Not everything will depend on only cigarettes, but to make the results more reliable, the researchers included a questionnaire to each portrayed (asking about other habits that could accelerate aging, such as stress or alcohol consumption), and a panel of three judges, blindfolded, to analyze the facial expressions and the level of wrinkles on the siblings.

The conclusions point in the same direction: Smoking favors the aging and degradation of the skin. The technical explanation is given by one of the researchers, Bahman Guyuron – “Smoking reduces the formation of collagen, resulting in the degradation of collagen and reduces circulation to the skin. In addition, nicotine reduces the skin thickness. All this reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes premature aging.”

Check below with your own eyes the study “Facial Changes Caused By Smoking: a Comparison Between Identical Twins; Smokers and Non-Smokers”.

 #1 Lines Around The Mouth

The photo below shows two twins who both smoke, but the one on the left has smoked for 17 years more than the right twin.


 #2 Facial Discoloration

In the case below, the twin on the left has never smoked in her life. It’s obvious, though, right?!


 #3 Changes Occur Young, Too

Exactly the same with the younger twins below.


#4 Damage to the Skin

The twin on the right has smoked for 14 more years than the one on the left.


#5 Premature Aging

Obviously, the smoker is the twin on the right. She looks so much older than her own twin!




 #6 Effects on Eyes and Mouth

The twin on the left is a non-smoker. The right twin has smoked for 29 years.


#7 The Scary Truth

Hands up who recognizes the smoker in this picture?


Moral of the story is, think before you start smoking. The damages to your body and cells are visible. Keep your beauty clear and your lungs clean.