The Shocking Similarities Between Celebrities And Their Parents!


We decided to compare the faces of today’s well-known celebrities with their parents and offspring, and the result is completely amazing. See for yourself below!

#1 Alan Thicke And Robin Thicke

It’s surprising how similar the hair, nose and mouth are between Robin Thicke and his dad. Scary!


#2 Damon Wayans And Damon Wayans Jr.

Damon Wayans and his son look almost identical, right down to the style of facial hair.


 #3 Donald Sutherland And Kiefer Sutherland

Even with the visible age difference, the faces have exactly the same look and expression.


 #4 Will Smith And Jaden Smith

Who knew Will and his son Jaden looked so similar?! The only difference here, and I mean ONLY, is the hairstyle, and that’s all.


 #5 George Harrison And Dhani Herrison

Ex-Beatle George Harrison appears to have a clone. His son looks exactly like him, and the noses are right on par with each other.


 #6 Goldie Hawn And Kate Hudson

Note that the expression lines are very similar, as well as the shape of the nose and mouth.


 #7 Angelina Jolie And Jon Voight

Despite the color and format of the eyes, the faces of Angelina and her dad have a lot of similarities, particularly the nose and lips.


 #8 Meryl Streep And Mamie Gummer

It’s clear that Meryl’s daughter is pretty much identical to her. The eyes, hair, mouth and nose are exactly the same.


#9 Susan Sarandon And Eva Amurri Martino

The long face and shape of the nose gives it right away that this is Susan Sarandon’s daughter.


 #10 Tom Hanks And Colin Hanks

The beard is the only real difference here. Even the hairline and skin complexion are the same.