The Student Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant


This is the incredible, but true story of Kate Hudson (no, not that Kate Hudson) who had no idea she was pregnant. The amazing twist in her story is the point in time when she found out she was pregnant. Read on to discover how this young woman’s life was turned upside down in just 10 days.



A Normal Young Woman

Meet Kate, a 22 year old journalism major from Australia. Like many women her age, she was bitten by the travel bug and wanted to explore the world. She worked hard as a retail assistant, saving her money for a dream vacation to Europe with her girlfriends.

Trip of A Lifetime

Like typical 20 somethings do while on vacation, she was living it up. She participated in daring activities like cliff jumping, drinking and eating anything her heart desired, not imagining any that there would be any consequence to her actions.


Something Is Off

Kate was on her dream vacation. Surrounded with her best mates, she  traveled through London, Croatia, Prague and Barcelona. While alone in Barcelona, she felt ill and noticed some changes in her body. Scared and alone, she decided to take a pregnancy test.


The Results

The pregnancy test was positive. Kate was shocked as her body hadn’t changed that much and she was still getting regular periods.


Telling Her Boyfriend

She called her boyfriend, Aaron to alert him to the news. He suggested she visit a doctor to get checked out. The doctor was about to give her the most startling news of her life.


No Signs of Pregnancy

Kate was a svelte size 6 when she received the pregnancy news so she assumed she was in her first trimester with months to plan for the baby. According to the doctor, this wasn’t the case.

How Can This Be?

Kate was 33 weeks pregnant and very far along into her third trimester. She couldn’t believe the news. With no job and no money, Kate was panicked.


European Citizen?

She wanted to return home to her native Australia, but at 33 weeks, the European obstetrician wouldn’t clear her for flying. She knew she had to take matters into her own hands.


Sad Male Doctor Showing Thumbs Down Emphasizing Unsuccessful Result

Covert Flight Home

Although she was 33 weeks pregnant, she wasn’t showing so she decided to risk it and fly home secretly, and against doctor’s orders.


This Baby Is Real

That flight home was the first time Kate felt the baby kick. She then realized that the baby was real and her situation was one that she could not ignore.


Another Shocking Doctor’s Visit

Upon arriving in Australia, she went to the doctor for further examination. Though she had been through an emotional roller coaster the prior weeks, nothing could have prepared her for the news the doctor was about to tell her.


Incredible News

Kate was not 33 weeks along in her pregnancy, rather 38 weeks along. Her baby was practically full term. What seemed impossible, was very possible due to a rare condition Kate had.


Rare Condition

Her uterus was tilted back which hid the baby up near her rib cage, which explains why she didn’t look pregnant. Kate said, “Any belly I had I thought was just a food baby from all the eating I’d done in Europe over two months.’


No Time To Plan

The thought of being a mom in less than two weeks was daunting. A million thoughts ran through her head. Was the baby healthy? How would they pay for stuff? Kate admitted that she didn’t know too much about babies.


Friends and Family Come Through

Kate’s friends and family helped the couple buy all the essentials needed for their impending bundle of joy which they learned would be a boy. There was still one more surprise surrounding their little boy’s arrival that the couple would never have expected.


More Shocking News

At an examination, doctors revealed that Kate wasn’t 38 weeks pregnant, but actually overdue. She had to be induced right away.


The Baby Is Here

Luckily, Kate had a relatively easy labor and her 6.5 pound baby boy was born healthy. What would they name their little boy?

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The Name

The couple settled on the name Mason. Mason was the #2 most popular baby name in the U.S. in 2011.



Family of Three

Kate and Aaron are adjusting to their new life with Baby Mason. Like most new parents, they are rolling with the punches, while struggling to find time to be a couple.

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Hoping For Happily Ever After

Kate’s journey to motherhood happened in a mere week and a half. She went from being a carefree 22 year old to a new mom all in 10 days time. What an incredible story!