These Happy Goats Will Make Your Day


Who doesn’t love goats? Seriously.  They are the cutest, most cheerful, energetic and spunky animals around.  If you aren’t convinced, here are some great goat images that are sure to change your mind.  Revel in the goat goodness, my friend.  These happy goats will make your day!

1. Super happy jumping goat

Watch this little guy run around, knocking over one of his buddy and jumping up on dad.  Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


2. Fainting goats

These goats have a condition that causes them to temporarily faint when they are startled.  They literally can’t help but fall over, toppling to the ground helplessly.  But, never fear– moments later they’re back on their feet and at it again.

fainting goats

3. Destroying goats

“Don’t worry dad.  It’s not like the car was new or anything.  This is just a great reason to get a new one…and then we’ll jump on that one!” — Goat reasoning

Never leave goats alone with anything of value.  They will destroy it or eat it.  And then they’ll grin at you.

goats on car

4. Goats yelling in Taylor Swift song, “Trouble”

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in– now I’m lying on the cold hard ground,” “AGGHHHHHHHHH!!!”

If you have somehow missed out on this stellar pop culture sensation, please do not hesitate to view the video below.  You need to laugh at goats yelling in the Taylor Swift music video spinoff. You. Must. Watch.

5. Goats that yell like people

And to accompany the famous T Swift yelling goat, here is a lovely compilation of goats that sound like humans.  You’re welcome.

6. Goats that look like people

The Madonna goat doppelgänger.  Am I right…or am I right?

madonna goat

7. Baby goats

These a heart melters for sure– there is nothing sweeter than fuzzy, bleating baby goats.  Except maybe human babies.  But let’s just focus on these goats for now.

baby goat

Or this one…definitely makes you go awwww:


And one more for good measure.  They are too precious, right?  I could look at these sweet baby goaties all day looooooooong.


8. Goats that ice skate

Who needs skis when you’ve got hooves that can propel you across an icy surface.  This courageous fellow takes a potentially death-defying leap onto the ice– never once thinking about the repercussions.  But, it’s ok, since he emerges from the event unscathed.

sliding goat

9. Smiley goats

Goats are very personable creatures.  They have emotions just like humans, so when they’re happy, you know it.  They aren’t camera shy either, as you can see by this chuckler below.  His in-your-face grin says it all, doesn’t it?

happy goat

10. Inspiring goats

This little guy, Frosty lost the use of his hind legs.  But, instead of putting him down, his owners decided to hoist him up!  Now, he’s got his own little goat wheelchair and he’s riding around in style.


We hope you enjoyed this brief goat compilation. Please stay tuned for more goat humor, images and goat love.