These Lawsuits Will Make You Lose Faith In The Judicial System. Oh Boy…


Nowadays, you can sue almost anyone for almost anything. You don’t even have to be wronged to file a lawsuit… you could just be greedy. Dishonesty (and stupidity) doesn’t stop people as much as you’d hope it would.

Here are some of the craziest lawsuits that ever made it through the judicial system. They’ll leave you shaking your head (and saving up money, just in case you ever get sued).

1.) Suing Because Your Name Was Misspelled

Tanisha Torres of Wyndanch, N.Y., sued Radio Shack for misspelling her town as “Crimedanch” on her cell phone bill. She didn’t even ask them to change it; she just sued. She claimed she suffered “outrage” and “embarrassment” at having to see that spelling on her private phone bill.

Suing Because