These Photos Of A Meerkat Family Protecting Their Pups Are Awwww Inspiring.


Photographer Robin Hoskyns works with meerkats on a regular basis as a research assistant in South Africa’s Kalahari Meerkat Project, but what he captured while observing a family on a recent outing was no ordinary day in the desert.

The notoriously tight-knit cuties will typically keep their newborns underground in burrows for about three weeks after birth, or however long it takes for their eyes to open. Until they gain the ability to react to the world around them, they are helpless.

These meerkat pups in particular were in deep trouble one afternoon Hoskyns was observing them. Thankfully, the babies had some brave parents and babysitters that were protecting them.

Hoskyns explained how he knew something unusual was happening when they began emerging from the burrow much faster than their typical leisurely pace.

Hoskyns explained