These Photos Of Pollution Will Make You Recycle!


Ever since man had roamed the earth, we had been contributing to it’s pollution. However 30 years ago, over 20 million Americans founded Earth day and have been growing in numbers in keeping the environment as clean as they can. Today, over 200 million people around the world show support for Earth Day. However, though they fight as hard as they can to fight pollution, it seems that garbage is a universal burden imposed upon us humans. Let these photos of pollution, extreme photos of pollution to be exact, make you change your mind the next time you throw a cigarette butt to the ground. Think about these photos of pollution before you think twice about recycling, and you’ll easily decide that, by recycling, we can make the world a cleaner habitat.


1. A child swimming in polluted reservoir in Pingba


2. The turtle trapped in plastic when it was younger and now couldn’t grow properly